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Lending policy and procedure for exhibition curators

State Records NSW - Outward Loans Policy (effective 1 January 2011)

State Records NSW makes State archives available through its reading room, website, and Community Access Points throughout New South Wales. In certain circumstances, original State archives are also made available to approved cultural institutions for exhibition. All such loans are subject to the following conditions.

Lending policy and procedure

  1. State archives will normally be made available only to recognised institutions with established exhibition programs and appropriate professional staff.
  2. Requests for loans must be made in writing to the Director, State Records NSW. All requests should be made at least six months before the exhibition's opening date, and must include exhibition title, dates/duration and venue, as well as details of items being requested.
  3. All items requested will be assessed by State Records' conservators. State Records reserves the right to decline approval for the loan of any item; e.g., if the risks associated with removal and display are deemed to be unacceptable.
  4. Items approved for loan are to be insured and the cost of the insurance is to be borne by the borrowing institution.
  5. The borrowing institution must provide a satisfactory current facility report.
  6. There will be a charge for each item approved for loan (see below).

Fee structure

  1. There will be a standard minimum fee of $512.50 (including GST) for each item approved for loan. The standard fee is to recover costs of administration and preparation of the loan where the request has been received at least six months before the date of the exhibition, an item has been correctly identified and referenced, and requires only basic conservation assessment and packaging.
  2. If loan requests are received within the six month period, State Records reserves the right to decline the request, or apply a minimum charge of 150% of the standard fee.
  3. Additional charges may apply in cases where State Records has to undertake research to identify and locate items when references supplied are vague or inaccurate.
  4. Charges above the standard fee will also be incurred when an item requires conservation treatment or special mounting to make it stable for display and/or travel. Fees will be charged at 150% of the staff costs involved in treating the item. For example, a binding stabilisation treatment taking two days would cost $1,424.50. The borrower will be notified in writing of any additional charges prior to the loan being approved.
  5. State Records will discuss the issues and options with the borrowing institution in all cases where additional conservation or mounting/preparation work is required or requested. State Records reserves the right to place an upper limit on the amount of work to be done on a particular item.
  6. Once State Records confirms approval in writing, the borrower is liable for the standard fee plus any additional charges incurred up to that point in the preparation of items requested. The charges will still apply in the event the loan request is subsequently cancelled in full or in part.

Packaging and transport

All loans will be normally be packaged by State Records' conservators. Delivery will be by a State Records courier wherever possible. Where packaging and transport has to be undertaken by external firms, the borrower will be required to pay all associated costs. Use of external firms will only be permitted after approval by State Records.

For enquiries please contact Project Officer, Copying and Digitisation,

Alan Ventress

December 2010