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This website is XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant. We aim to make our website content as accessible as possible and follow the guidelines and standards of the W3C.

We use cascading style sheets (CSS) to ensure a consistent 'look and feel'. Users of the latest browsers (such as Firefox, IE6, Opera 2, Netscape 6 and Safari) which comply with the W3C guidelines and standards will view content as it was designed. Older browsers (such as Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 4) will not show the design as it was intended, however, all content will still be available.

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Accesskeys are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to jump to specific areas of a website or webpage without using your mouse. We use numeric accesskeys:

  1. Homepage
  2. Skip to content
  3. Skip to navigation
  4. Site search
  5. Sitemap
  6. Contact us
  7. Accessibility

The usual way to use accesskeys is to press and hold the "ALT" key plus the "Accesskey" (for Windows/PC) or "CTRL" plus the "Accesskey" (for Mac). Some browsers do work differently.

Internet Explorer - Version 5 +

  • "ALT" + "Accesskey" + "Enter". For example, "ALT" + "1" highlights the "Home" link. Select "ENTER" to go to the Homepage

Netscape - Version 7 +

  • "ALT" + "Accesskey"


Firefox - Version 2.0 +

  • "ALT"+ "SHIFT" + "Accesskey". For example, "ALT" + "SHIFT" + "4" will place the cursor in the site search box.


  • Press "SHIFT" + "ESC" then release both keys and select the "Accesskey". For example, "SHIFT" + "ESC", release both keys and select "5" to go to the A-Z Index.


  • "CTRL" + "Accesskey".

Text resize options

We have added text resize options to our website that allow you to resize the text of the page content. You can also change text size in your browser by following the tips below.

Internet Explorer

Version 6 and earlier: You can change the text size via the menu bar. Go to View > Text Size and select a suitable size (i.e., Larger/Largest). This option will save your settings for all websites until you change them again.
Version 7: Increase or decrease the text size using these shortcut keys

  • CTRL+ for larger text and
  • CTRL- for smaller text


Increase or decrease the text size using shortcut keys:

  • CTRL+ for larger text and
  • CTRL- for smaller text

(use CMD+ for Mac)


Go to View > Zoom on the menu bar

Use the shortcut keys:

  • CMD+ for larger text and
  • CMDL- for smaller text
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