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This month in history - January
Browse through the history of New South Wales and the State archives day by day and month by month. Highlights for January include: 1810 Lachlan Macquarie was sworn in as the fifth Governor of New South Wales (1st); 1868 convict transportation to Australia ceased (9th); 1793 the first group of free settlers arrived at Port Jackson (16th); 1863 the Western Rail Line to Penrith opened (18th); 1815 the first road over the Blue Mountains was completed by William Cox (21st); 1808 Australia's first and only military coup, the Rum Rebellion, took place in Sydney (26th); 1919 the influenza pandemic reached New South Wales (27th); 1957 Jørn Utzon was named as the winning architect of a competition to design an Opera House for Bennelong Point in Sydney (29th).
Through the lens: Central Railway Station, Sydney
This digital gallery highlights the transformation of Central Railway Station from its opening in 1855 to 1921 when the clocktower was completed.
WWI Exhibition: A Call To Arms
The exhibition includes photographs, official documents, letters, and printed material that provide an insight into the lives of the people of NSW and the Government who served them during the first part of the Great War.
Research Topics - an A-Z list into our collection
For each topic we have gathered together useful links and sources, indexes and fact sheets. From "Architecture" and "Death Records" to "Local History" and "Railway Workers" your research awaits!
NSW Anzac Centenary - Records of NSW and WWI
Centenary of WWI and Anzac commemorative activities. Our exhibition and website draws from State Records collection to look at life in New South Wales during the war years.
State Records Annual Report
The 2013-2014 Annual Report is now available on the OpenGov website
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