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The Administration of NSW Volume 1

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Politics‚ Patronage and Public Works

Politics, Patronage and Public WorksThe early 1840s saw the campaign for colonial self-government gain momentum driven by massive social and political change. Pressures such as the growth and dispersal of the population; the government's direct responsibility for expensive infrastructure; and the democratic, disorganised nature of colonial politics necessitated administrative innovation and improvisation.

Hilary Golder's history locates administrative developments in their social and political context, showing how the administration of New South Wales developed in response to a set of distinctively Australian problems and solutions. She has drawn on parliamentary papers, politicians' private correspondence and the rich resource of surviving government records to attempt a more sympathetic reading of administrative challenges in a growing colony.

Government was responsible for an exponential growth in the number
of colonial public servants, including armies of railway workers and teachers. By 1895 this expansion had become unaffordable and the Public Service Board was set up to retrench and regulate government employment and priorities - reformers condemning the previous arrangements as extravagant, inefficient and even corrupt.

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