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Book: Moments in Time

We hold thousands of archival photos from the late 19th Century to the present, capturing life in New South Wales in much of its richness and diversity. This is a picture book showcasing a selection of these images.

Moments in TimeIt was through our "Moments in Time" blog series on Archives Outside that we were inspired to create this book. The blog series asks a question each fortnight "Can you date this photo?" and much enjoyment and head scratching ensues over who can identify the images and how. Images in the book are from the "Moments in Time" blog series and our Flickr account and throughout you can read comments from our blog visitors and Flickr users.

The book was compiled using software from and can be purchased from (full preview is available) - however we have a special price below.

It is this joyful collaboration that inspired the book. We have used the comments of our readers to illustrate photos from the State archives in a new light. Our readers' contributions not only help us improve our catalogue and enhance accessibility to NSW Heritage, they also show that the archives can be great fun.
Fiona Sullivan and Anthea Brown, Archives Outside blog

In keeping with the digital social media origins of the project, ‘Moments in Time’ is also available for download to your iPhone or iPad. The book artfully dissolves the distinctions between paper and digital formats, and honours the role of the reader in bringing archives alive.

To purchase a copy

The price is $45.00 over the counter or $51.35 by mail.