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We have publications for researchers and recordkeepers including: guides and books; free eNewsletters and information leaflets; posters and family tree charts. You can also download the latest Annual Report.

Researchers or Recordkeeping

Featured: Greeting cards

Greeting cards - set of 4Capture the romance of travel and the holidays with this special range of cards from the State archives collection. Perfect gifts this Christmas for family and friends or for that family historian and train buff you may know.

  • a holiday themed set of four cards
  • a set of six Christmas cards
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Many publications can be purchased online at shop.nsw - the NSW Government Shop, or you can download our print-friendly order form (PDF, 193kb).

Microform purchase

You can also order microformed records for your family / local history society that we hold in the reading room.

Enquiries: contact the Assistant, Publications and Online Services at

Annual Report

Books, Guides and DVDs

(see the Catalogue for researchers for the full list)

Moments in Time

Moments in Time

We were inspired to create this book through our "Moments in Time" blog series on Archives Outside. The blog series asks a question each fortnight"Can you date this photo?" and much enjoyment and head scratching ensues over who can identify the images and how.The book includes photos from our collection that have been featured in the blog series (and on our Flickr photostream) and comments by you!

Old Register DVD Cover'Old Register' One to Nine DVD
Registers of assignments and other legal instruments
The nine volumes of Registers of assignments and other legal instruments, known as the 'Old Registers' (NRS 5604), provide a valuable insight into this State's colonial history from 1794 to 1824.
They include information on: land transactions; domestic legal matters such as affidavits, bills of sale and bonds; whaling and shipping agreements; a variety of deeds; letters of power of attorney; names of early colonists; and place names within Sydney and the colony.
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Convict GuideGuide to Convicts and Convict Administration
The 'Convict Guide' provides an entry into an unique collection of records, created by both the British Government and the Colonial administration, covering the period 1788-1842, including the 'convict exiles' of the 1840s and 1850s.
It is divided into eighteen chapters that follow the course of the convicts'
"careers" - starting with their trial and transportation and 'ending' with freedom, later punishments or death.
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Politics, Patronage and Public WorksThe Administration of New South Wales Volume 1: Politics‚ Patronage and Public Works
The early 1840s saw the campaign for colonial self-government gain momentum driven by massive social and political change. Pressures such as the growth and dispersal of the population; the government's direct responsibility for expensive infrastructure; and the democratic, disorganised nature of colonial politics necessitated administrative innovation and improvisation.
Hilary Golder's history locates administrative developments in their social and political context, showing how the administration of New South Wales developed in response to a set of distinctively Australian problems and solutions.
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Historical Publications

The Administration of the Official Archives in NSW (PDF zip file 100mb)
by Russell Doust
To view this PDF file right-click on the link above and choose 'Save target as' to your computer.
Please note this is a large file - 245 pages and may take some time to download. We recommend only broadband users download this file.
For permission to publish please email the author, Russell Doust, at The author allows use of all versions of this document under the terms of the Copyright Act for research and private study, but not for publication without approval.
We can also supply you with a CD-Rom version of this file.
Contact the Assistant, Publications and Online Services for more information.

Recently published indexes
Includes: Registers of Leases of Auriferous Lands and other gold-related records; Registers of Seamen; and Commissioners of Crown Lands

State archives in New South Wales 1788-1960: A tale of tension and neglect (PDF, 145kb) by Alan Ventress

Information Leaflets - free

Newsletters and Magazines - free

Posters and Family Tree Charts

7 Generation Family Tree Chart
7 Generation Tree Chart
This decorative chart is made of good-quality, parchment-like paper.
With space for adding seven family generations there is also a background image of a tree.
A great gift idea...
...and a lovely addition to any family historian's wall!
Size is approximately 430mm x 560mm.
Price = $3.70    By mail = $6.70 (includes postage & handling)
» Buy online at shop.nsw

9 Generation Family Tree Chart9 Generation Family Tree Chart
A black and white poster-sized family tree chart.
There is plenty of space to add your family members.
Great value!
Size is approximately 500mm x 626mm.
Price = $2.00    By mail = $5.00 (includes postage & handling)
» Buy online at shop.nsw

Australian Mail Steamer "Orient", 1880 - Poster
Australian Mail Steamer "Orient" Poster
A copy of the original plan [SR Plan 2095] held in our collection. Includes ship dimensions and tons.
Above this detailed plan are smaller sketches of other ships. Poster size is 620mm x 210mm.
Price = $4.00    By mail = $7.00 (includes postage & handling)
» Buy online at shop.nsw

Cazneauz - Waiting for the FerryCazneaux "Waiting for the Ferry" - Poster
(McMahons Point ferry, Lavender Bay)
This beautiful poster is a great addition to any wall.
Poster size is 585mm x 790mm.
Black & White.
Price = $5.00    By mail = $8.00 (includes postage & handling)
» Buy online at shop.nsw

First Fleet - Poster - The Founders of the Nation
First Fleet poster"This chart comprises the eleven ships of The First Fleet and lists the names of those who sailed from Portsmouth, England in each of those ships on 13 May 1787. The chart also includes those who left on board and did not reach Sydney Cove as well as those children who were born during the voyage."
This impressive and detailed poster lists all the ships of the First Fleet and its passengers. Alongside each name is listed the passengers' status ie., convict (the sentence and alias is included), master of the vessel, lieutenant, wife of mariner etc and if the passenger died on the voyage.
Size is 420mm x 595mm.
Price change as of 1 October 2015.
Price = $20.00    By mail = $30.00 (includes postage & handling)
» Buy online at shop.nsw