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Strategies for managing social media information

Executive summary

Why social media information needs managing

Management strategies for social media information

What information management strategy should we use?

Tools for capturing social media information

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Executive summary

NSW Government has a strong and growing social media presence.

Studies of government use of social media show that social media can enable government to reach new audiences, establish communities of practice, provide services and deliver important and effective messages to the community.

The NSW ICT Strategy recognises these benefits and encourages widespread use of social media for government business to:

  • improve customer services
  • increase access to information, and
  • involve the community directly in government decision making.

Information generated through social media can provide value to business and the community and should therefore be well managed in order to maximise this value.

Social media use by government is also subject to community expectations and legislative requirements for the appropriate management of information. These guidelines clarify how agencies can meet these obligations for good information management.

The guidelines state that:

Information about government business is increasingly located in social systems

If this information is needed by your organisation to help perform, improve or report on its operations, then you will need information management strategies to support your social media business.

You only need to manage the social media information that meets your business needs

You do not need to make and keep information about all your organisation’s social media business. Information management rules do apply to social systems but they are governed by your organisation's specific needs and risks.

Social media information strategies must be planned and proactive

These strategies need to be proactive not reactive because social applications are subject to regular change and cannot be relied upon to maintain business information for as long as it may need to be kept.

Different strategies may be required for different social media applications and a wide range of tools is available to support your information needs

These guidelines assist in managing information generated by all forms of social media including social networking tools, blogs, photo and video sharing and wikis.

The guidelines also provide detailed social media information management strategies, and provide an overview of tools which can assist with the management of social media business information.


Published April 2014