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Acknowledgements and copyright

Date published: June 2003
Revised: January 2007

Strategies for documenting government business: The DIRKS Manual is based on an exposure draft released jointly by the National Archives of Australia and State Records in February 2000.

Since its first release, this manual has evolved thanks to the comments, case studies and feedback that have been received from a range of NSW public offices and consultants working in the public sector environment. The assistance of all these contributors is greatly appreciated.

State Records also wishes to thank the National Archives of Australia for their support in the development of Strategies for documenting government business: The DIRKS Manual and to acknowledge that this document draws on the National Archives' publication DIRKS: A Strategic Approach to Managing Business Information (September 2001).

State Records also acknowledges the use of two draft publications from the Cayman Islands National Archives (CINA), Records Management Workbook 1: Developing a disposal schedule (2006), and Records Management Workbook 2: Developing or reviewing a file plan (2006). These publications were extensively drawn on for the 2007 revisions of the Manual.

Finally, State Records also thanks all its staff members who have been involved in the development of this document since its inception in 1996.

Intellectual property in this manual is held jointly by State Records and the National Archives of Australia.