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DIRKS Manual

Good recordkeeping is fundamental to good business.

Strategies for Documenting Government Business

Date published: June 2003
Revised edition: January 2007

Strategies for Documenting Government Business: The DIRKS Manual is concerned with building more efficient and accountable business practices through the design and encouragement of good recordkeeping. At the heart of the manual is a best practice methodology for the design and implementation of recordkeeping systems (the 'DIRKS' methodology).

Use the information provided below about the contents of this manual to identify the sections most relevant to your needs.

In this manual

Understand the DIRKS Manual and its uses:
» Introducing the DIRKS methodology

Understand how to follow pathways through the manual based on your desired outcomes:
» Doing a DIRKS project to achieve specific outcomes

Obtain comprehensive and detailed information on performing each of the steps in the DIRKS methodology:
» Step by step through the DIRKS methodology

Access templates, case studies and other practical information to obtain general guidance on improving records management practices:
» Tools and tips to improve recordkeeping practices

Quick references

An overview of DIRKS methodology and manual:
» The DIRKS methodology and manual

Understanding records and recordkeeping systems:
» Records and recordkeeping systems

Starting work on a DIRKS project:
» Commencing a DIRKS project

DIRKS and the State Records Act:
» DIRKS and the State Records Act

See also:

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