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Guideline 17 - Building better records management skills

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The purpose of these guidelines is to provide practical guidance and examples of how NSW public offices can measure and improve the level of records management skills and knowledge within their organisations, and therefore improve records management practices.

In these guidelines

1 Introduction

2 Managing the skills project

3 Analysing skills required

4 Auditing current skills

5 Determining skill gaps and means to address them

6 Designing or redesigning positions

7 Recruiting staff or engaging consultants to fill skill gaps

8 Training and development to fill skill gaps

9 Further reading

10 Appendices


Records management functions are changing extensively with increasing business, regulatory, community and technological demands and a raft of new standards to meet. Records managers, and indeed all those responsible for recordkeeping, need to be armed with the appropriate skills and knowledge to:

These guidelines focus on techniques for skilling staff responsible for records management functions. They explain how to:

  • evaluate the skills required of staff responsible for records management functions and the skills currently available
  • determine skill gaps, and
  • address gaps, either through job design or redesign, recruitment, engaging consultants, or developing staff through training, education and professional development opportunities.

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The guidelines can be viewed as a PDF document (676kb) for printing.

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