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Guideline 22 - Managing digital records

These guidelines are about how to get control of your digital records and maintain them effectively to achieve immediate and long term business efficiencies from your digital information. They have been designed to assist all records and ICT staff charged with managing and preserving digital records, as well as those with responsibility for managing and sustaining the business systems that create and contain digital records.

The information in the guidelines have been arranged in two parts:

  1. Managing digital records overview - an executive summary and access point to the guidelines. This provides an easy to read summary as well as direct links to the more extensive content in the guidelines so you can dip into the sections that interest you most and directly access the information that best meets your needs.
  2. Guideline: Managing digital records - the actual guidelines, which provide a wealth of information about how to create and manage your digital records.

PDF versions

PDF versions are available for printing sections of the guidelines:

1. Make digitial recordkeeping achievable for your organisation (PDF, 76kb)

2. Keeping your digital records in recordkeeping systems (PDF, 55kb)

3. Use recordkeeping metadata for digital recordkeeping (PDF, 48kb)

4. Effectively manage the migration of your digital records (PDF, 117kb)

5.1 Managing email (PDF, 62kb)

5.2 Managing still photographs (PDF, 62kb)

5.3 Managing CAD files (PDF, 30kb)

5.4 Managing web records (PDF, 30kb)

5.5 Managing digital audio and video recordings (PDF, 130kb)

5.6 Managing removable media (PDF, 47kb)

Definitions and annotated bibliography (PDF, 67kb)


To remain relevant and helpful, Managing digital records will need to evolve as technologies, challenges and solutions evolve. We encourage you to provide feedback or suggestions now or in the future via our Future Proof blog. Part 5.5 of the guidelines also contains feedback forms.


State Records would like to acknowledge the kind assistance of a number of people in the production of these guidelines, including: Neil Bateman, University of Sydney; Michael Carden, National Archives of Australia; Tony Leviston, NSW Department of Commerce; Matthew Lipscombe, DocBanq; Glen Morgan, NSW Treasury - Office of Financial Management; Peter Newman, Office of Transport Safety Investigations; Gregory Punshon, Gosford City Council; Dawn Routledge, NSW Fire Brigades and State Records' Digital Records Advisory Group.

© State of New South Wales through the State Records Authority, January 2009.
This work may be freely reproduced and distributed for most purposes, however some restrictions apply.
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