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What does this mean for records management? (Guideline 24)

A record is information created, received, and maintained as evidence and information by an organisation or person, in pursuance of legal obligations or in the transaction of business [1].

Many of the uses of web 2.0 applications may create records. It is important to remember that records are not defined by their format. New technologies such as web 2.0 are a challenge for records professionals as they produce records but are not designed for information capture and maintenance. Records professionals need to become aware of web applications being used or proposed to be used within their organisation and devise ways of capture and preservation of required information as records.

A major finding in the Interacting with Government: Australia’s use and satisfaction with e-government services [2]  produced by the Australian Department of Finance and Deregulation indicates that community expectations on how e-government services should be delivered are evolving rapidly and that as internet use has increased so too have the expectations and standards in this area. It is not appropriate for a records professional to ignore the use of web 2.0 applications within their organisation. Records professionals need to integrate web 2.0 applications into their records management programs rather than alienating it. A proactive approach will help to reduce the amount of information that may otherwise be lost when using web 2.0 tools.


[1]   AS ISO 15489:2002 Records Management  Part 1, Clause 3.15

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