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Local government records (GA39)

The purpose of GA39 is to identify records created and maintained by NSW councils and county councils which are required as State archives, and to provide approval for the destruction of certain other records after minimum retention periods have been met. It applies to all records of council business and administration.

Table of contents

Part 1: Understanding and using the authority

1.1 Overview
1.2 Structure and components
1.3 Guidelines for implementation
1.4 Glossary

Part 2: The General retention and disposal authority

Please see the General retention and disposal authorities page under Local government records for a downloadable pdf of the authority.

2.1 Statement of authority
2.2 List of functions and common activities (which link to activities and disposal classes in the authority)

Part 3: Acknowledgements


State Records has created online and Word indexes to the authority. The MSWord version of the index will not be updated as frequently as the online version.

Linking tables

A number of tables are available, which link classes from the former GDA10 to classes in the new authority:

GA39 - Frequently asked questions

For further information on using the authority, please see GA39 - Frequently asked questions.

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First published February 2011/Revised November 2011 (Public Offices authorised to use this authority only)/Revised May 2012 (references to legislation governing early childhood education and care providers only).

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