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Information for NSW Public Sector Chief Executives

Key obligations under the Act and Future Proof news.

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Key obligations

For a concise summary of the key responsibilities that exist for chief executives and public offices under the State Records Act 1998 see:

Future Proof - News for NSW Public Sector Chief Executives

State Records' Future Proof strategy helps NSW public offices manage and keep digital records by offering guidance and advice to all public offices. Future Proof indicates a change in government recordkeeping that affects a wider range of professionals beyond records management and aligns its aims with the broader information management environment.

A newsletter designed specifically for chief executives maintains chief executives' awareness of the Future Proof strategy and keeping up to date with new guidance and how changes will affect their public office.

The Future Proof news is issued in hardcopy annually to all NSW public sector chief executives, and an electronic version is published on the State Records' website:

Newsletter archives

For more information on past Chief Executives' newsletters from State Records see:

The view from the top

In 2002 the State Records Authority NSW (State Records) commissioned TAVERNER Research Company to conduct a study among Chief Executive Officers and/or General Managers (chief executives) of public offices covered by the State Records Act 1998.

See the executive summary of the Report.