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Digital recordkeeping

Rules, guidance and resources.

Rules, guidance and resources

Premier's Memoranda:
» M2009-11 NSW Standard on Digital Recordkeeping
» M2004-14 Use and Retention of Email for Government Communications

Standard for compliant recordkeeping in the digital environment:
» Standard on digital recordkeeping
» Short guide to implementing the Standard on digital recordkeeping

Building systems for managing digital records:
» Considering digital recordkeeping as part of systems development or procurement (RIB 52)

» Strategies for documenting Government business: The 'DIRKS' manual
» Introducing recordkeeping metadata (RIB 18)

» Selecting records management software (RIB 2)

» Checklist for assessing business systems (RIB 42)

» Workshop: Managing recordkeeping risk in business systems

» SharePoint 2010: recordkeeping considerations
» 2010 Digital recordkeeping survey

'How to' manage electronic documents and other digital records:
» Managing digital records
» Destroying digital records: When pressing delete is not enough (RIB 51)
» Email and other templates for creating digital records
» FAQs - Emails and recordkeeping (RIB 49)
» General Retention and Disposal Authority - Source Records That Have Been Migrated (GA 33)
» Guidelines on keeping web records
» Keeping recruitment records using e-Recruitment (RIB 56)
» Managing the message: Guidelines on managing formal and informal communications as records
» Managing shared drives (RIB 57)
» Records management and web 2.0

Digitisation of records
»General retention and disposal authority - Imaged records
» Managing digitisation programs and projects
» Blog post: Digitisation dilemmas
» Blog post: First case study on digitisation now available
» Blog post: Digitisation does not equal digital preservation!
» Managing digital records, Part 5.5 Digitisation of analogue audio and video

Ensuring the long term accessibility of digital records:
» Managing digital records
» Archives Advice: Protecting and handling magnetic media (NAA)
» Archives Advice: Protecting and handling optical disks (NAA)
» Digital records preservation in the NSW public sector: A discussion paper

Government policy on the management of email and other digital records:
» Policy on digital records preservation
» Policy on electronic recordkeeping
» Policy on electronic messages as records

The collaborative effort by public records institutions to develop strategies for digital records and archives:
» Australasian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative (ADRI) website

Advisory group of senior government managers assisting State Records with digital records strategy:
» Digital Records Advisory Group

Research and discussion papers:
» Digital records preservation discussion paper
» ICT Attitudes to records and recordkeeping: survey report

State Records' digital records strategy: Future Proof

State Records' digital records strategy is called Future Proof. To find out more about the strategy, go to the blog:

Future Proof Logo

We post there regularly with news, case studies and reflections on issues relevant to digital recordkeeping, including the digital State archives project.

You can also follow us on Twitter: