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Functional retention and disposal authorities

Functional retention and disposal authorities authorise the retention and disposal of records unique to particular organisations.


The purpose of a retention and disposal authority is to identify those records created and maintained by NSW public offices which are required as State archives and to provide approval for the destruction of certain other records created and maintained by NSW public offices, after minimum retention periods have been met.

Functional retention and disposal authorities are issued for use by particular organisations or organisations carrying out similar or the same functions, e.g. growth centre or precinct development, superannuation funds management, social housing providers. For details of authorities applying to all public offices please refer to the General retention and disposal authorities page.

Note: The approval for disposal given by authorities issued by State Records is given under the provisions of the State Records Act only and does not override any other obligations of an organisation to retain records. A public office must not dispose of any records where the public office is aware of possible legal action (including legal discovery, court cases, formal applications for access) where the records may be required as evidence. See the Disposing of records page for further advice about disposal and disposal alerts or freezes.

The following pages contain functional retention and disposal authorities that have been approved for use by State Records. The authorities are arranged alphabetically by organisation. Each entry indicates who the authority was issued to, the date range of the records covered by the authority, whether the authority applies to the whole or part of the organisation and the authority number.

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Functional retention and disposal authorities have been approved and issued by State Records since 1999. Some of the authorities listed were issued to organisations that are no longer current administrative units of Government in NSW. Agencies wishing to use these authorities as legal instruments or wishing to use authorities approved over 10 years ago should contact State Records (email or telephone (02) 9673 1788).

Prior to 1999 the Archives Authority of NSW approved disposal recommendations. Copies of Disposal recommendations issued by the Archives Authority or of retention and disposal authorities on this list where no PDF copy has been provided (e.g. superseded authorities) can be obtained by contacting State Records.

Note: The electronic versions of authorities issued prior to January 2007 are provided for information purposes only. Authorised paper versions of these authorities can be requested by contacting State Records.