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Examples of policy, procedure and planning

Examples of policy, procedure and planning

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This page includes a collection of examples of records management policy, procedure/guideline and planning documentation that have been developed by State Records or by NSW public offices. Each example has been made available, with permission, via State Records' website for other public offices to use to assist them in developing their own documentation.

Using the documents

The examples provided on this page are useful, practical indicators of how different public offices set rules and guidance for their staff on records management. State Records does not suggest, however, that by preparing a policy or planning document that is modelled exactly on one of these documents, any public office can meet the requirements of the standard.

Documentation to support a records management program should be carefully developed to suit the specific needs and environment of a public office, and with attention to the minimum compliance requirements of the standards.   

Please note:
  • Where documents from this collection are used in the drafting of a records management policy, procedure, guideline or plan, appropriate acknowledgement of the sources used should be included.
  • Dates provided for each document should be considered as standards and other sources referenced may have changed. See the most up to date recordkeeping sources in the Government Recordkeeping Manual.

Contact us

It is expected that this collection will grow over time. If you are willing to add a document to the collection, or you are seeking advice and feedback on a draft document, contact State Records.


Public officeDocumentYear
Sample public office Sample records management policy (doc, 100kb) 2011
Sample Local Government Council Sample RM Policy and Procedure for Councillors (doc, 110kb) 2006
Holroyd City Council Records management policy (doc, 119 kb)   2010
Holroyd City Council   Communication devices policy (doc, 126kb)   2010 

Procedures and guidelines

Public officeDocumentYear

Department of Corrective Services

Procedure - Disposal of imaged records (PDF, 468kb)  2007

Planning and reporting

Public officeDocumentYear

Holroyd City Council

 Records Management Program Strategic Plan (doc, 155kb) 2010

Holroyd City Council

 Records Management Program Operational Plan (doc, 195kb)  2010

'Timbuctoo City Council'

  Counter disaster plan (doc, 127kb) 2005