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Probate Packets copy service

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Probate packets usually include the last will and testament.

Probate Packet before treatmentImportant!A proportion of State archives are fragile and for this reason we may withhold access to the original archive until it has received attention from our Conservation staff. Archives will be checked on a case by case basis as they are requested either in the Reading Room or for a copy order. If an archive requires conservation treatment there will be a delay in the archive being issued and/or copied. Conservation treatments can take up to six months to be completed.

Purchase online

Archives Investigator allows you to pre-order records prior to your visit and place an online copy order. Effectively, this is a 'Shopping Cart' system.

We hold probate packets from about 1817 to 1976, covering Series 1-4 (to Series 4-828673), and 1989 (100001/1989-105663/1989).  There is an index to the main probate series available on microfiche in the reading room. All the packet numbers held at State Records NSW except for the period 1890-28 (Series 4-1 - Series 4-152150) are listed in Archives Investigator.

You can pre-order and purchase copies of these records.

Question Need help? See Tips on using Archives Investigator »

Placing your order offline

Not all Probate Packets are listed in Archives Investigator but you can order these 'offline'. Download the print-friendly order form and post or email it back to us along with your payment.

Service Fee

The cost of each entry is $30.00. An administration fee and postage/handling costs are payable.  An additional postage charge applies for overseas orders. See form for details.

We will copy the packet contents in its entirety or copies to the value of $30.00. We cannot look for particular documents as this would involve research and we do not undertake research on behalf of enquirers.

If the number of documents in the packet exceeds copies to the value of $30.00 you will be contacted and asked if you are willing to pay an additional amount to have the remainder of the packet copied. If you do not wish to pay the additional amount, the copies will be made in the order in which the documents are stored in the packet.

Information you need to provide

To order copies you will need to provide:

  • the name of the deceased
  • date of death
  • Probate series
  • Probate Packet Number, and
  • Container/Box number (if known)

How do you find this information?

Check the Probate Index on microfiche

Available in the reading room and many public libraries - to obtain the Series number and the Probate number number
The probate series are numbered from 1-4 and it is essential that you specifiy which series the probate packet you require is from:

  • Series 1: April 1817 to c. May 1873
  • Series 2: 1873 to 1876
  • Series 3: 1876 to c.1890
  • Series 4: c. 1890 to c. 1976 (last packet no Series 4-828673)
  • Series 5: 1989 only held by State Records (100001/1989-105663/1989)

This is a rough approximation of the years in each series. Your final reference should always be Archives Investigator or the Probate Index. You will need to check the Probate Index on microfiche for the years 1890-1928 as probate packets from these years are not listed in Archives Investigator. The Probate Packet Guide is available in the reading room. Box lists for some probate packets are also available in the reading room.

(Note: the actual probate records can be accessed in our reading room at the Western Sydney Records Centre 143 OConnell Street, Kingswood).

Search Archives Investigator for a name

Search Archives Investigator for an individual's name for Series 1, 2, 3 and Series 4 (except 1890-1913 and 1919-1928) of the Probate Packets. Select the simple search option and enter the name of the deceased along with the word 'death'. The Series and Probate numbers are listed together as the item number eg Series 2-1547.