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Gaol photo of Annie, 1920

This second gaol photo, taken at Darlinghurst in 1920, shows a hardened and almost weary Annie. She was now in her late 50s and had been in the business of providing abortions for over 20 years. From 1916 onwards Annie makes almost yearly appearances before the Police or Criminal Courts and there are regular investigations into abortion related deaths in which she may have been involved. After her 1920 trial, Annie spent about 18 months in gaol before she was acquitted on appeal. There was another trial in November 1923 (no papers have survived) in which Annie was acquitted and then she disappears. She may have retired to live off her ill-gotten earnings (by 1920 Annie was charging £10 per abortion). Annie died in 1928, aged in her early 60s. (Note: C.C. stands for Criminal Court; P.C. stands for Police Court). From NRS 2496 [3/6006 #478]
Gaol photo of Annie, 1920
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