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Records more than 30 years old are open to public access.

Commissions and inquiries

Report of the committee to consider the green paper on immigration policies and Australia’s population, December 1977 [18/3208.4]
A section of this report concerns education and learning the English language.

Dental Board

NRS 3724, Files relating to enquiries regarding registration, 1914-68 [8/1951.1]
These files relate to enquiries regarding registration where the matter has not been proceeded with and where there had been no correspondence for a period of twelve months. Most enquiries relate to overseas qualifications.

NRS 3725, Applications for registration, c.1948-73 [19/7570-7572]
These files consist of letters from applicants; copies of degrees, diplomas, etc.; and the reply and findings of the Dental Board with some notifications as to dates of examinations to be undertaken. They relate mainly to people who have overseas qualifications.

Ethnic Affairs Commission

Administrative files, 1971-83 [18/3263.2]
These files include some files which were originally registered by the Ethnic Affairs Division of Premier's Department, then re-registered by the Commission when the two bodies merged in December 1978.
The files consist of correspondence concerning representations from individuals showing substantial involvement by the Commission, appointments of controversial individuals to the Community Interpreter Service, the appointment of Commissioners to the Ethnic Affairs Commission, and correspondence regarding education policies towards migrants and English language broadcasts by the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC). A listing is available in our reading room.

File re Main Findings and Recommendations of the Report: A document referring to Implementation of Participation, the report by the Ethnic Affairs Commission, 1978 [17/1223.2]
This file contains a copy of a document entitled Main Findings and Recommendations of the Report, referring to Implementation of Participation, a Report of the Ethnic Affairs Commission, 1978. The file also contains agenda for a seminar on the Commissions Report, and an invitation and attendance list for the seminar.
The findings concerned the introduction of Saturday Schools for Community languages, Ethnic Schools, teaching adult migrants, the use of overseas teachers, community languages and culture in schools and teaching English as a second language.

Migrant referral manual, 1980 and 1986 [A5880]
These are printed guides which list functions, services, addresses and contact details of various government, community and welfare organisations which can assist immigrants. Of special note are those education organisations such as the Adult Migrant Education Service and TAFE.

NRS 4231, Papers of the Working Party on State funding of ethnic schools, Jul-Oct 1984 [18/1481.1]
On completion of the distribution of grants to ethnic schools by the Minister for Education for the 1984 calendar year, the Minister conveyed to the Premier a recommendation from the Ethnic Schools' Advisory Committee that the level of grants issued be increased to $500,000 in 1984/85. The Premier approved the setting up of a Working Party under the control of the Ethnic Affairs Commission to examine the issue. The Working Party was convened with representatives from the Ethnic Affairs Commission, Office of the Minister for Education, Federation of Ethnic Schools, Ethnic Communities Council of New South Wales, Commonwealth Schools Commission and State Treasury.
These papers contain agenda and minutes of meetings of the Working Party, and correspondence and reports from various New South Wales Government departments, other State governments, the Commonwealth Government and various organisations. In addition, there are draft copies of the Report to the Premier of the Working Party on State Funding of Ethnic Schools, October 1984.

Medical Board

Registration files of medical practitioners registered under Section 21c of the Medical Practitioners Act, 1938 (as amended), c.1955-70 [19/7573-7574]
These files contain correspondence from applicants with overseas medical training who wished to practise in Australia. The applicants were registered to practise under Section 21(c) of the Medical Practitioners Act 1938, which licensed them to practise under supervision.

Premier's Department

Special bundle. Migration, 1946-61 [12/8724 (File No. 61/350)]
Papers relating to various Premiers' and other Conferences concerning immigration. Includes numerous newsclippings concerning immigrants and immigration. These papers largely concern British immigrants although some issues concerning European Immigration such as assimilation and Citizenship are included.

Special bundle. Colombo Plan training, 1955-70 [12/8754 (File No. 63/595)]
Papers relating to the training of overseas students under the Colombo Plan by New South Wales Government agencies and the use of New South Wales Government officers in training schemes overseas as part of the Colombo Plan.

Public Service Board

Papers relating to the Review of Government Administration (The Wilenski Report), 1977-78; c.1976-82
[12/15135-15136] 1977-78
[12/10906-10959] c.1976-82
[SZ 1043 Cassette Nos. 105-108]
These papers relate to the Review of Government Administration (the Wilenski Report). They consist of: working papers and draft report; background papers; submissions and reports; miscellaneous reference papers; and newspaper clippings. Also included are results of the Public Service Attitudes Survey and Recruitment and Promotion Guidelines for Statutory Authorities.

Technical and Further Education, Department of

Curriculum Research: Course syllabi (obsolete), c.1928-90

This series consists of printed syllabi for diploma, certificate, and post certificate and other courses no longer offered by Technical Colleges.

Item Course No. Course Date Approved
[6/19575] 1925 Special English Course c.Aug 1971
[6/19575] 1940 Spoken English as a Foreign Language (Special Course) Oct 1970
[6/19575] 6918 Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Jun 1982 - Sep 1985
[6/19575] 6918 Teaching English as a Second Language Jun 1982
NRS 14031, Newcastle Technical College. Registered correspondence files, 1942-66

This series consists of the main system of registered correspondence files of the College. The files relate to a broad range of subjects including the training of overseas students under the Colombo Plan. Those files relating to overseas students have been listed below:

Item File no. Description Dates
[12/14253.1] 12973 Trade Testing of Immigrant Tradesmen Oct 1952-Dec 1956
[12/14255.2] 13955 Instruction of Burmese Miners Jul 1952-Dec 1956
[12/14256.2] 15059 Trade Testing of Immigrant Tradesmen Mar 1957-Dec 1960
[12/14257.1] 16288 Colombo Plan Students in Training with Teachers' College Oct 1958-Dec 1958
[12/14259.2] 17028 Report on Non European Students for Immigration Department and Malayan Students Department Aug 1961-Jun 1965


Special bundle. Hostels - migrant and educational, 1946-59 [13/10073 pt]
The papers relate mainly to accommodation of British Migrants and the Big Brother Movement. The file includes a Summary of Proceedings of the Conference of Commonwealth and State Officers held at Parliament House Canberra, 20 January 1948 and this mentions European Child Migrants.