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Public Servants to Veterinary Surgeons

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Public Servants

Important Note: Each department usually maintained records of its own personnel.

Auditor General

NRS 388, Record of appointment to Government Offices, 1814-25 *ARK
Reel 1476; Fiche 755-756
This volume consists of letters and general orders authorising appointments to Government positions.
An alphabetical index to names of appointees, which records the title of the appointment and the relevant page reference, is filmed on Fiche 755.

Item List:

Index Reel 1476; Fiche 755
pp.1-107 Jan 1814-Nov 1820 Reel 1476; Fiche 755
pp.108-164 Dec 1820-Jan 1825 Reel 1476; Fiche 756

Colonial Secretary

NRS 1286, Returns of the Colony, 'Blue Books', 1822-57 [4/251-90] *ARK (Fiche)
Reels 1-22; Fiche 438-613; photocopies in the Mitchell Library
These invaluable volumes record the progress of the Colony from 1822-57, and include amongst a wealth of statistical information, material of genealogical value:
* Annual lists of officers employed by Government, including an alphabetical index, showing name, position, date of appointment, and salary; and
* Lists of persons receiving land grants (or who purchased Crown Land), showing name, location and area of holding, and price.
A detailed description of this series as well as a listing of the microfiche is available in Short Guide 3.

NRS 1286, Public service lists, 1858-70 *ARK (Fiche)
Fiche 807-819; Printed books

This series is a continuation of the relevant part of the previous series.

From 1858 to 1861 the statistical Returns of the Colony (Blue Books), contained a section listing members of the Executive Council, Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly, officers of the Civil Establishments, by department, an Ecclesiastical Return arranged by church; a return of pensions paid, and a list of foreign consuls. This section has been extracted from the Returns of the Colony and filmed in this series under the title Public Service Lists. There is an index to the officers of the Civil Establishments only at the beginning of each year.

From 1862 to 1870 the Public Service Lists were published separately from the statistical Returns of the Colony, with an alphabetical index to contents and an index to officers of the Civil Establishments included in the front of each annual volume.

For these years lists for the following are generally included:

  • Succession of Governors
  • Parliaments (from 1863)
  • Ministries
  • Executive Council
  • Legislative Council
  • Legislative Assembly
  • Civil Establishments
  • Ecclesiastical Establishments
  • Education
  • Pensions
  • Foreign Consuls
  • Returning Officers
  • Guardians of Minors (from 1864).

For public servants, the office, the officer's name, date of appointment, by whom appointed, annual salary, and date of first appointment under the Colonial Government are recorded.

Item List:

1858 Index of officers, pp. i-xiii
1859 Index of officers, pp. 9-23
Lists, pp. 51-81
1859 Lists, pp. 82-107, 113 808
1860 Index of officers, pp. 9-24
1861 Index to officers, pp. 9-26
1862 Alphabetical index to contents, pp. iii-iv
Index of officers, pp. v-xxxiii
1863 Alphabetical index to contents, pp. iii-iv
Index of officers, pp. v-xxix
1864 Alphabetical index to contents, pp. iii-iv
Index of officers, pp. v-xxxii
Lists, pp. 1-87
1864 Lists, pp. 88-97 813
1865 Alphabetical index to contents, pp. v-vi
Index of officers, pp. vii-xxxv
Lists, pp. 1-75
1865 Lists, pp. 76-96 814
1866 Alphabetical index to contents, pp. v-vi
Index of officers, pp. vii-xxxv
Lists, pp. 1-65
1866 Lists, pp. 66-97 815
1867 Alphabetical index to contents, pp. v-vi
Index of officers, pp. vii-xxxvii
Lists, pp. 1-51
1867 Lists, pp. 52-101 816
1868 Alphabetical index to contents, pp. v-vi
Index of officers, pp. vii-xxxvii
Lists, pp. 1-33
1868 Lists, pp. 34-90 817
1869 Alphabetical index to contents, pp. v-vii
Index of officers, pp. ix-xxviii
Lists, pp. 1-35
1869 Lists, pp. 36-97 818
1870 Alphabetical index to contents, pp. v-vii
Index of officers, pp. ix-xxvii
Lists, pp. 1-31
1870 Lists, pp. 32-101 819

Public Service Board

NRS 12395, Employees' history cards, 1911-48
Records more than 30 years old are open to public access.

NRS 12396, Reference cards, 1911-c.1964


See Archives in Brief 61 for more information.

NRS 14401, Butts of publicans' licences, Jun 1830-May 1849 *ARK
Reels 5049-62, 1236

NRS 14403, Certificates of publicans' licences, 1830-61 *ARK
Reels 5063-66, 1236-42

The following indexes are also available

Index to publicans' licences, 1830-47
Reels 1355-57

Index to Port Phillip publicans' licences, 1839
Reel 1357

Index to certificates of publicans' licences, 1857-61
Reel 1374

Railway Employees

State Rail Authority

NRS 12922, State Rail Authority: Personal history cards for railway employees born before 1900
The cards cover people born before 1900 and still employed after 1910 and who subscribed to the superannuation fund. The cards record details of each person's service within the Railways.
An online copy service is available for this series.

For further information relating to railway employee records go to the Resources for Family Historians - Railway Employee records webpage.

*ARK signifies that a copy of the record or guide is part of the Archives Resources Kit and is held by the community access points.

School Teachers

Department of Education and Communities

NRS 4072, Index to Teachers' Rolls, 1869-1908
Reel 1990

NRS 4073, Teachers' Rolls, 1869-1908
Reels 1991-98

Item List for NRS 4073:

1 1991
2 1992
3 1993
4 1993
5 1994
6 1995
7 1996
8 1997
9 1998

NRS 4074, Results of teachers' examinations, 1901-09

NRS 4077, Salary registers, 1908-22

NRS 4078, Records of teachers and officers in the AIF during World War I, 1914-1940

NRS 4079, Record of service of Department of Education personnel in World Wars I and II, 1915-43

NRS 4080, Teachers' personal files, c.1924-57

NRS 4082, Graduate ex-student registers, 1929-57

Item List:

1929-43 [6/3913]
1944-46 [6/3914]
1947-57 [6/3915]
1947-57 (Not four year trained) [6/3916]

NRS 4083, Returns of casualties of teachers enlisted in the AIF and RAAF during WWII

NRS 15320, Teacher Career Cards, 1 Jan 1908-31 Dec 1945

NRS 15319, Teacher leave cards, 1 Jan 1908-31 Dec 1945


See Guide to Shipping and Free Passenger Records (Shipping Guide) Part IV for a comprehensive listing under the headings:

A. Crew lists: Sydney
B. Crew lists: Newcastle
C. Masters of vessels
D. Mates
E. Pilots
F. Engineers
G. Marine surveyors
H. Compass adjusters
I. Watermen
J. Drivers and coxswains of motor boats

Navigation Department

NRS 10783, Particulars of Certificates of Competency and of Service issued at Sydney to Masters, Mates and Engineers in the Mercantile Marine, 1872-1916
Reel 3718; COD 196
Alphabetically arranged, the volume records name, nature of certificate, number, date of issue, and date and place of birth of holder.

The following records have been received from Newcastle since the publication of the Shipping Guide:

Department of Navigation, Newcastle

NRS 4694, Salary registers, Nov 1907-Jun 1923
Reel 2898

NRS 10833, NRS 9832, Registers of examinations held, 6 Nov 1917-21 Dec 1945
Reel 4042

NRS 4717, Newcastle Lifeboat Committee - Record of payment to crews, 30 Sep 1869-31 Dec 1915
Reel 4041

Marine Board, Newcastle

NRS 4694, Salary registers, 1867-1923
Reel 2898

NRS 9811, Record of persons examined for Pilotage, 10 Aug 1894-26 Nov 1900
Reel 4041

Squatters and Pastoralists

There are many records in the State archives concerning the lease of Crown lands for the purpose of grazing. For a detailed listing see the Guide to Records relating to the occupation of Crown Lands (available in the reading room). These sources include:


NRS 14363, Registers of depasturing licences, 1837-51 *ARK
Reels 5067-81
There are indexes in the front of volumes [4/91-101] (the records filmed on Reels 5067-5076).

Item List:

Feb 1837-Jul 1838 5067 [4/91]
Jul 1839-Nov 1839 5068 [4/92]
Nov 1839-Aug 1840 5069 [4/93]
Aug 1840-Sep 1841 5070 [4/94, 4/95]
Sep 1841-Dec 1843 5071 [4/96]
Jul 1841-Dec 1841 5072 [4/97]
May 1842-Sep 1842 5073 [4/98]
Sep 1842-Oct 1843 5074 [4/99]
Jul 1843-Sep 1843 5075 [4/101]
Sep 1843-Jun 1844 5076 [4/100]
Jul 1844-Sep 1844 5077 [4/103]
Sep 1844-Jun 1845 5078 [4/102, 4/104]
Jul 1845-Sep 1845 5079 [4/105]
Sep 1845 5080 [4/107]
Sep 1845-Jun 1846 5081 [4/106, 4/108]
Sep 1851-Oct 1851 5081 [4/112]

Printed source

William Hanson: The Pastoral Possessions of New South Wales Printed 1889
COD 213 A&B
The volume is alphabetically arranged within each of the Eastern, Central and Western Divisions, with the names of the pastoral holders of the Crown, the Land District and County in which each holding is situated, the area in acres, the annual rent and licence fee, the rate per acre and per section for each leasehold and resumed area respectively.
Part I Eastern Division pp. 1-165
Part II Central Division pp. 169-397
Part III Western Division pp. 401-507
Index to Numbers and Names of Holdings pp. 509-520.


Surveyor General

NRS 13736, Letters received from surveyors, 1822-55
Reels 3051-98
The letters are arranged alphabetically by surveyor's name.

NRS 13950, Abstracts of salaries and allowances, 1842-50
Annual returns showing name and position of officer (surveyors, craftsmen, messengers etc), salary and amount of salary received for each month of the year.

NRS 13889, Surveyor's field books, 1794-1861
For a detailed listing of Field books see the Index to Surveyors' Field Books, 1793-1860.

Tramway Employees

Government Transport

NRS 12918, Tramway staff register, c.1879-90

NRS 12919, Registers of tramway employees in the Locomotive, Traffic, Permanent Way and Stores branches, c.1891-1911

NRS 12920, Tramways extra staff register, c.1892-1904

Veterinary Surgeons

Board of Veterinary Surgeons of NSW

The Board of Veterinary Surgeons was established by the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1923.

NRS 673, Files re registration of veterinary surgeons, c.1923-45

NRS 674, Files re deceased veterinary surgeons, c.1923-60 [7/2086A (A-L), 7/2086B (M-Z)]

*ARK signifies that a copy of the record or guide is part of the Archives Resources Kit and is held by the community access points.