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Criminal Depositions Received, 1849-1949

Includes criminal actions at country Quarter Sessions relating to cases of a non-capital nature etc.

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Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers this index is now complete! It contains over 65,800 entries.

What records are being indexed?

The index is being compiled from:

NRS 849, Registers of Criminal Depositions Received (Deposition Books), 1849 to 1921; 1849-1864 [5/2990] Reel 2760, 1865-1916 [5/3076-3086] Reels 2760-2762, 1916-1921 [19/13124] Reel 3636, 1921-1949 [19/13125-13130] 19 vols.

NOTE: These registers cover country areas. The Index records: registration number, name of defendant, place and date of committal, offence and where committed for trial.

Additional information

Additional information for the years 1870-87, 1889 and 1891-1920 may be found in:

NRS 850, Returns of Criminal Cases heard at Country Quarter Sessions 1870-1920, 1870-87 [5/3028-45] Reels 3636-3643, 1889 [5/3046] Reel 3643, 1891-1919 [5/3047-75] Reels 3644-3658, 1920 [19/13131] Reel 3658, 39 vols.
NOTE: This series is not included in this indexing project.
Also see the
Clerk of the Peace and Quarter Sessions in Archives Investigator. Further research may also be carried out using gaol records if the individual served a prison sentence.

Note re offence recorded in index

This is the offence for which the person was charged. Additional court records would need to be checked (where they survive) to determine the outcome of a trial and whether the person was found guilty or not guilty.

Accessing the records

Microfilm copies of the records can be viewed in our reading room. Copies are not available from this Index.


We would appreciate any feedback and suggestions you may have on using the Index.