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Court records

Bench of Magistrates Proceedings, 1788-1820
This index includes criminal and civil cases, publicans' licenses issued/cancelled, constables appointed, controlling the markets etc. There are over 3000 entries.
Coroners' Inquests, 1796-1824
Court of Civil Jurisdiction, 1799-1814
The Minutes of proceedings show date of sitting, members present, the nature of the action, and the judgment of the Court. The arguments put forward by both parties are also summarised. Where an action concerned a business document (such as a promissory note), which was tendered in evidence, a copy of the document was normally entered up.
Criminal court records, 1788-1833
This is a valuable resource relating to the New South Wales colonial justice system and will be of benefit to those of you researching criminals, convicts and crimes committed during the early years of the Colony. There are over 5000 entries in this index.
Criminal Depositions Received, 1849-1949
Includes criminal actions at country Quarter Sessions relating to cases of a non-capital nature etc.
Divorce Case Papers, 1873-1930
This Index now covers the years 1873-1923. There are over 20,000 entries covering a 50 year period. Entries for the letters F G H and I for the years 1897-1903 are missing. These entries will be added to the index shortly.
Quarter Sessions Cases, 1824-37
The case papers are numbered and arranged chronologically. The papers usually include the name of the of the person tried, date, place, verdict and sentence. They generally contain the indictment which gives a statement of the crime and circumstances.
Court records - Governor's Court case papers, 1815-24
This index may assist those researching Governor's court records for the time period 1815-24. It contains 3789 entries.