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Tickets of Leave, 1810-75

A ticket of leave allowed convicts to work for themselves on condition that they remained in a specified area, reported regularly to local authorities and if at all possible, attend divine worship every Sunday.

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About the Index

Thank you Perry!This index was compiled by Dr Perry McIntyre. The index is published on State Records' website with the permission of Perry McIntyre, who also retains the copyright. State Records wishes to acknowledge the contribution of Perry McIntyre in compiling this index.

There are 47,388 entries in this Index.

Record series used to compile the Index

The following series were used to compile this Index:

NRS 1166, Secretary to the Governor, List of tickets of leave issued, 2 July 1810-3 October 1814, [4/4427] Reel 601
Important!The earliest surviving tickets of leave records from July 1810 - October 1814 are to be found in this series. There is a gap in the records of tickets of leave issued from November 1814-July 1824 when Registers of tickets of leave, NRS 12200 begin.

NRS 12200, Principal Superintendent of Convicts, Registers of tickets of leave, 1824-1833, [4/4060-62] Reel 890
The registers provide the following information: the prisoner's number, name, ship and date of arrival, place of conviction, term of sentence, native place, 'calling', height, complexion, colour of eyes and hair, date of ticket, district he is confined to, and any 'general remarks'.

NRS 12202, Principal Superintendent of Convicts, Ticket of leave butts, 31 March 1827-31 December 1875, Reels 909-965, 893
Each butt provides the following information: prisoner's number, name ship and year of arrival, master of ship, native place, trade or calling, offence, place and date of trial, sentence, year of birth, physical description, the district the prisoner is allocated to, the Bench which recommended him/her, and the date of issue of Ticket. There are also notes on many of the butts referring to matters such as change of district, and conditional pardons.
Important!Please note that the tickets of leave in volumes [4/4419-20], Reel 2668A are incorrectly headed, Certificate of Freedom instead of Ticket of leave.

NRS 12207, Principal Superintendent of Convicts, Butts of Colonial tickets of leave, 1849-75, Reels 891-893
The following details are stated: number, date, name, ship and master, year of arrival, native place, calling, offence, place and date of trial, sentence, year of birth, height, complexion, hair, eyes, general remarks, and in which district prisoner is allowed to remain.

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