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Closer Settlement and Returned Soldiers Transfer files, 1907-36, 1951

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This index will be of interest to local and family historians researching the transfer of land ownership originally obtained under the Closer Settlement and Returned Soldiers schemes.

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About the Index

The indexing of the transfer files has been a Volunteer project. It records surname and first name (may be that of transferor or transferee), file number, residence of owner, settlement purchase number, parish, county and date of transfer.

Further information on individuals would require considerable research, as at this stage, there are no other consolidated indexes. It should be noted that in certain cases only the name of an individual or very little other information may be located.

How the index was compiled

The index includes entries from the following:

NRS 8054, Closer Settlement and Returned Soldiers Transfer files, 1907-36, 1951

The records indexed are 10/26011A - 10/26016.

We hold various record series for Closer and Soldier Settlements.

Accessing the records

The original records are available to view in the reading room at the Western Sydney Records Centre.

Are copies available from this index?

We do not offer a copy service from this index. Copies can only be ordered in the reading room after viewing the records as the amount of information available on a transfer document may vary greatly for that of the transferor or the transferee of the land.

Background to the records

The passage of the Closer Settlement (Amendment) Act 1907 (Act No 12 1907) necessitated the establishment of a specialist branch to deal with land transfers by way of sale, gift, transfer to joint names, mortgage or discharge of mortgage. The Closer Settlement Branch of the Department of Lands established in 1908, worked in collaboration with Closer Settlement Advisory boards dealing with land value and use.

These transfer records may include land originally purchased under the Closer Settlement Acts of 1901 and 1904, the Closer Settlement (Amendment) Acts of 1906 and 1907 and The Returned Soldiers Settlement Act 1916. The Transfer Files relate to the transfer of land ownership and show for each transfer: surname and first names of transferor and transferee, residence, settlement purchase number, farm number, Parish, and County and date of transfer.

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