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Teachers' rolls, 1869-1908

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Many people have teachers in their family. The Teachers' rolls, 1869-1908 (NRS 4073) are one of most useful sources for researching individual teachers in the later half of the nineteenth century. They provide a service record for each teacher and include date of birth, examination results, appointments, promotions and date of resignation. The index contains 14, 867 entries.

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About the Index

We are delighted to announce that the Index to Teachers' rolls, 1869-1908 which was a staff and volunteer project is now available to search.  It is the latest addition to the suite of indexes and we acknowledge and thank those involved with its creation.

Note: The information recorded in the rolls can vary greatly from teacher to teacher.

NRS 4073, Teachers' rolls 1869-1908 [1] p.1NRS 4073 Teacher Rolls, Reel 1994

This index was compiled from the following series:

NRS 4072, Index to Teachers' rolls, 1869-1905 Reel 1990
This series is the Index to the 9 volumes of the teachers’ rolls (NRS 4073). Arranged alphabetically by teacher's surname.

What has been indexed:

NRS 4073, Teachers' rolls, 1869-1908
Entries by name of teachers employed. Information contained in the rolls includes age at commencement of employment, dates and names of schools taught at, teaching classification held and religious affiliation. Some records addtionally contain marriage details, exam results, inspection comments, salary paid and disciplinary action.
Reels 1991-1998
The Teacher Rolls are generally arranged in chronological order.

The index shows name (surname and first name), roll, page, reel, series and remarks.

Date range of the 9 Teacher Rolls

Teacher's rollStarting DateReel number
1 1/01/1869 Reel 1991
2 1/01/1871 Reel 1992
3 1/01/1881 Reel 1993
4 1/01/1882 Reel 1993
5 1/01/1884 Reel 1994
6 1/01/1890 Reel 1995
7 1/01/1897 Reel 1996
8 1/01/1900 Reel 1997
9 1/01/1905 Reel 1998

Accessing the records

Microfilm copies of the Teacher Rolls can be viewed in the reading room.

Are copies available from this index?

Copy ServiceThere is a photocopy service available from this Index. You will see an 'Add to Cart' tickbox option on the search results page(s).

No references for three teachers

There are three entries that do not have reference details (roll, page or reel number) because the original index page is missing. Researchers will need to search the rolls in order to locate the information on the 3 teachers listed below. This may involve lengthy research. The missing references are for the following teachers:

1. Annie May Delaney

2. Outa Fizelle

3. Fann Wilds


We would appreciate any feedback and suggestions you may have on using the Index.