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Divorce case paper before treatment
Before conservation treatment – paper and parchment stuck together due to water damage
Divorce case paper undergoing conservation
During treatment – following the application of alcohol and water solutions to soften the parchment, the paper is being separated from the parchment
Divorce case paper after conservation
After treatment – paper and parchment have been flattened and repaired.
Flood damaged record
Before treatment – water and mould damage have caused the parchment to block, shrink and discolour. Physical damage has caused losses to the corner
Conservator at work
Laying down repair tissue.
Primary Application Packet before treatment
Before treatment – parchment is desiccated, stuck together and has shrunk.
Primary Application Packet - stretching parchment
During treatment – following humidification to soften the parchment it is stretched to flatten as much as possible
Probate Packet before treatment
Before treatment – severe mould and insect attack has resulted in severe loss of information such that this probate is no longer usable.
Removing adhesive residue
Removing old tape
Removing tar adhesive residue
Rolled plans physical damage
Torn document before treatment
Torn document after treatment
Flood and mould damage
Insolvency record damaged by flood and mould