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Health Officer's Report
NRS 906: Health Officer's Report for the German immigrant ship "Aurora", 1855 [4/7170]
Second Class Dietary Scale
NRS 906: "Second Class Dietary Scale" [4/7170]
Form of Agreement with Emigrants
NRS 906: Form of Agreement with Emigrants [4/7170]
Emigration poster c.1883
NRS 905: Emigration poster c.1883 [formally enclosed with letter 84/3397, [4/861.2] now at [Document 93]
Printed regulations 1835
NRS 905: Printed immigration regulations relating to the payment of bounties, 28 October 1835 [4/2272.2]
Chinese Grocers Fong Lee Jang and Co
Glass Negative Box #1102: No. 62 [unnamed street] corner of Castlereagh St - Chinese Grocers Fong Lee Jang and Co. (c. May 1916)
A Hawker's Application
NRS 3428: 1948 Hawker's Application for Olga Duminski [14/3788]
Naturalization Application, 1864
NRS 905: Naturalization Application for Hortense Musti from Normandy, 1864 [64/5088]. She settled in the Grafton region and married a fellow Frenchman, Francois Joseph Adam
Oyster Lease
NRS 1301: Oyster Lease for Anthony Mena and Nicholas Kyprios
1891 Census
NRS 683: 1891 Census, Mudgee District. List of 20 Chinese names [2/8406]