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Guyer report on Effects of Bombing of Darwin

Memo from Lindsay Gordon Guyer, Sub-station Officer to the Chief Officer of the NSW Fire Brigade, dated 25 April 1942. Guyer arrived in Darwin on 26 March 1942 and spent 10 days evaluating the types of bombs used and their effects on different materials. Guyer experienced seven air raids during his visit. He recorded the effects of 500kg High Explosive and 60kg High Explosive bombs used during the first raid, along with incendiary, smoke and anti-personnel bombs. The Federal Department of Home Security had asked the NSW Board of Fire Commissioners to select an officer to be sent to Darwin with RE McMillan, a civil engineer from Sydney. The Dept of Home Security needed information from the Darwin raids to assess existing anti-air raids plans for Eastern Australia. NRS 476 [20/14783 file 599 Darwin] page 1 of 5
Guyer report on Effects of Bombing of Darwin
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