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Women's History Month

Coffs Harbour Railway Refreshment Room Staff, 1947.  Photo Investigator digital id 17420_a014_a014000045.jpg  Doctor Iza Frances Josephine Coughlin, graduating 1893.  Photo Investigator digital id 9873_a025_a025000047_T Home Economics 4 Dr Ellen Maude Wood, 1898.  Photo Investigator digital id 9873_a025_a025000043_T  School girls on Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1932.  Photo Investigator digital id 12685_a007_a00704_8734000056r 

Women's History Month 2012 - Women with a Plan 

The theme for Women's History Month 2012 is Women with a Plan: architects, town planners and landscape architects.  

The aim of Australia’s Women’s History Month 2012 is to turn the extraordinary into the ordinary. By choosing the theme Women with a Plan we want to remove any surprise at the number of women among the urban planners, architects, and landscape architects who shaped our surroundings, and our history in the past century.  Some of these women helped lay the foundations of these professions in Australia. Others, from early 19th century First Lady Elizabeth Macquarie to fighting feminist Bessie Guthrie 150 years later, had a more singular impact on the planning and design of their surroundings.