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Publishing, citing and copyright

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If you are considering publishing, reproducing, printing, displaying, distributing or transmitting State archives to other people you need to ask for permission to use State archives. Find out how to correctly cite archives, copyright information and a 'Request to use State archives' permission form.

Citing archival records

An archives citation is different from a reference to a publication such as a book. Archives are maintained in the order in which they were created and kept. An individual record item is catalogued as part of a record series that was created and maintained by an agency in the conduct of its business, reflecting its recordkeeping systems at the time.


Copyright is the right of a person or organization - the copyright holder - to control the reproduction and use of a range of works from written material (such as letters and documents), musical and artistic works to films and broadcasts.

If you reproduce a work in any way, including by photocopying, photographing, transcribing, scanning, downloading and publishing you should be considering copyright issues. Our information leaflet, Archives in Brief No. 74, briefly outlines how copyright affects your use of State archives, our publications and material on our Web site. It only provides general information and should not be used as legal advice.

Publishing State archives

If you are considering publishing or using State archives you may need to apply in writing to State Records to obtain written permission.