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State Records Act 1998

State Records operates under the State Records Act 1998, which replaced the Archives Act 1960. The Act provides for the creation, management and protection of the records of public offices of the State and for public access to those records. It also established State Records and its Board.

The State Records Act commenced on 1 January 1999, with the exception of Part 4 (concerned with transfer of archives to State Records' control), which commenced in July 1999.

The Act underwent a statutory review in 2003 and 2004. This resulted in a number of amendments which came into force on 15 July 2005.

State Records Regulation 2015

The State Records Regulation 2015 commenced on 1 September 2015. The regulation:

  • prescribes guidelines as to what constitutes normal administrative practice
  • prescribes a number of public offices for the purpose of exempting their collections of private records from the Act
  • updates the list of other legislation authorising the disposal or alteration of State records.


Full text of the Act:
» Text of the State Records Act 1998 as amended

Main provisions of the Act:
» Summary of provisions of the State Records Act 1998

Key obligations under the Act:
» Key obligations for NSW public sector CEOs and public offices

Arrangements for monitoring and reporting on public office compliance:
» Compliance with the State Records Act

2005 amendments to the State Records Act:
» Summary of 2005 amendments to the Act

Full text of the State Records Regulation 2015:
» State Records Regulation 2015

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