Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Insolvency - The inability to satisfy creditors or discharge liabilities. Early legislation in NSW addressed insolvency rather than bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy - Bankruptcy is similar, but not identical to insolvency. Bankruptcy involves the sequestration of a...

How to find all the details of NSW bankruptcy and insolvency records. 

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Bankruptcy is a state in which a person is unable to pay creditors and is required to undergo a legal process that usually results in liquidation of his/her estate in order to meet expenses (at least in part). It is similar, but not identical to insolvency....

Dr Charles Fattorini: Naturalisation Certificate NRS 1042 [4-1200]

Among the entries in the Port Macquarie Small Debts Register is one of Port Macquarie’s more notable residents - Dr Charles Lamonnerie Dictus Fattorini, rumoured to be the illegitimate son of Napoleon Bonaparte.


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Insolvency is the inability to pay debts or meet expenses. Under early colonial law insolvency was treated as a different concept to bankruptcy (which involved an insolvents assets being administered and distributed to creditors).