Cabinet Papers

Public release of NSW Cabinet Papers

State Archives and Records NSW has initiated an annual release of NSW Cabinet Papers, held as part of the State Archives Collection, to increase public awareness of important milestones in the history of NSW and the State Government.

Each year, the public release program will highlight the issues in the Cabinet Papers from 30 years ago.

The program provides an opportunity to publicise the value, richness and depth of the NSW Government’s State Archives Collection.

If you have questions about the NSW Cabinet Papers, or need any assistance in searching or accessing them, please contact us.

Highlighted events and guide by historian Professor Paul Ashton

A searchable index of NSW Cabinet Decisions from 1 January 1987 to 1 September 1987

Browse digitised Cabinet Papers 1 January to 1 September 1987

Cabinet papers are significant historical documents as they reflect decisions made at the highest levels of government