This Guide highlights the key records and available indexes, relating to passengers arriving in New South Wales, 1788-1922. While most of the records relate to passengers disembarking in Sydney, records of arrivals in other ports are also included. Records relating to departures are also listed...

Research into crew records can often be difficult as there is no comprehensive index to the nineteenth century crew lists. In general, there are few records relating to crew until 1854. The shipping lists from 1854-1922 include the names of the crew members, their position on board and their...

The following sources may provide details of crew involved in shipwrecks and of government relief provided to them. Researchers should also consult Government Gazettes for occasional 'notices to mariners' for 'missing vessels'.

Fully digitised
Crew and Passenger List Captain Cook 1832

This index may assist those searching for crew of ships arriving in New South Wales between 1828 and 1841.

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Transcripts of the Shipping Master's Office Inwards Passengers Lists, each of which includes Crew names, in some cases includes their on board position and place of...

Watermen were boatmen licenced to ferry passengers. With watermen working on New South Wales waterways these could be an untapped source for family and maritime history.