Obella Holding - pastoral lease holding. NRS 8352 Lease 709

This is an example of a pastoral leasehold run. It's the Obella Holding [NRS 8352 leaseĀ #709] which was situated south of Dubbo, part of the Central Land Division.

A brief overview of the major sources we holdĀ that relate to the main records of the Commissioners of Crown lands and key related series.


This Guide provides an historical background on the conditional purchase scheme in NSW from 1862 to 1951, also known as 'free selection before survey' along with a list of the major record series and step-by-step guidance on how to access them.

This Guide provides a brief overview of the major sources in our collection that relate to the occupation of Crown lands in the period prior to 1856.

This is an 1829 plan of the Settlement and Garrison Farm, Norfolk Island, Surveyed by Captain Wakefield [NRS 13859, Map 6321].

Crown Plans are really useful for family and local history

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