A grant of probate is the authority given by the Supreme Court NSW to the executor(s) to deal with a deceased person's estate. The will in the Probate packet is considered by the Court to be the only legal document. Records in a Probate packet include: the last will and testament codicils (...

Inquests are conducted by coroners and are held to investigate the manner and cause of death

This week Coleen shows us the very popular Probate Packets. These records contain the last will and testament of the deceased as well as administrative documents around the settling of the estate. 


A brief overview of the major sources in our collection that relate to cemeteries.

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The index records: inquest number, name, date, location and remarks note whether the person identified in the index is the deceased or is appearing as a witness in the inquest for 1796-1824 only.

A brief overview of the administration of the collection of death duties - Deceased estate files - and how to find the records.

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This index simplifies the process of searching several different deceased estates indexes by combining all indexes into one searchable database.

Devonshire Street Cemetery, 1902. ID 17420_a014_a0140000258

This index is to the Devonshire Street Cemetery Reinterment Register. The Register covers details of remains, and in some cases monuments, from Devonshire Street Cemetery following its resumption to make way for the development of Central Railway Station.

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Search 45,500+ entries. This index records: inquest number, name or particulars of fire, date, location, coroner and remarks for the period Jul 1942 to Jun 1963 only.

We hold a fairly complete set of Coroners Inquest Papers for the years 1940-1963.

Intestate: A person who dies without leaving a will.

This guide provides an overview of the Office of the Curator of Intestate Estates and a select list of related records series

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Intestate: A person who dies without leaving a will. This is a very large series of records comprising 964 boxes. The records have been indexed from 1821 to 1913: [6/3481-3910] (excluding boxes of miscellaneous papers) [10/27478-27949] and [6/26823-24, 6/26843-45].

Photograph. Patrick Birmingham NRS 13340 1907 10-27753

Every now and then rare we find rare examples of collection items which may be described as 'treasures'. One example is the intestate estate file for a Mr Patrick Birmingham who died in 1907. Most of the records on this page are not typically found in intestate...

We hold probate packets for the years 1800-1976 in our Collection. This webinar shows you how to find a probate packet and why they are so useful for research.

Deceased estate files, 1880-1958 are the companion to our Probate packets. See what you can find in the files.

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This index is for supplementary (early) probate records that are not part of the main probate series. It records the name, date, item number and page number. If you are looking for the main series of probate records (...