Bonnie presenting Archives Behind the Scenes

In this episode Bonnie is talking about Divorce Case Papers. These are our main series of records relating to divorce in NSW and cover the period 1873 up to about 1976 (with a few gaps around the 1960s and 1970s).



Divorce files can be a detailed source of information for the family historian, providing extra details which may not have been discussed or known within the family. And official records can often give a more impartial account than a family story. Researchers have been known to...


A brief overview of the major sources in our collection that relate to divorce and procedures for accessing Divorce Case Papers (Open to Public Access after 30 years).

Learn about the divorce records in our collection. 

Not digitised

This Index now covers the years 1873-1923. Entries for the letters F G H and I for the years 1897-1903 are missing. These entries will be added to the index shortly.