This page was created thanks to a researcher who was looking the records of education and schools for deaf children in NSW.

The arrival of post World War II migrants has had a profound effect on the nature and diversity of Australian society. This Guide helps to commemorate cultural diversity in NSW by bringing together State archives that document the provision of education to migrants in the latter part of the 20th...

Milk - the White River of Life

Milk and its health and nutritional benefits, demonstrated through a domestic science class on milk and milk-based products and their use in cooking.

From the series NRS 4911 Health Education Films.


Our Daily Milk - The story of your milk supply

Our Daily Milk – The story of your milk supply follows the production of milk from pasture through to delivery.

The film details the care of the cows while in the paddock, the milking process, transportation of milk to the dairy factory and the milk being...

Rescue Breathing

“Rescue Breathing” is an instructional film demonstrating CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation techniques.

In the film a number of scenarios are used as examples including a drowning, an electrocution and a child choking. The film emphasises the importance of...