Sample from NRS 1156 Indents to Convict vessels from Ireland, 1822-1840, 4-7076.4, Blenheim 1834

A single searchable database containing certificates of freedom; bank accounts; deaths; exemptions from Government Labor; pardons; tickets of leave; and, tickets of leave passports. There are 140,000+ entries to search.

Arranged by name and subject this is the most comprehensive index of early NSW settlement. The Papers include petitions by convicts; requests for permission to marry; memorials re potential settlers; land grants/leases applications; information re court cases and lists of...

Convict Assignment record NRS 12194 4-4521 Reel 586

This index will be of interest to those researching the assignment of convicts for the period December 1821 to December 1825. The index records the convict’s name, ship, date of assignment, to whom assigned, residence and remarks