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How do you know if there was a convict in your family? Find out where to start your research

Cemeteries and Burials

At the first establishment of the colony for a long time no piece of ground was set apart for a Burial place.


In general there are few records relating to crew until 1854. Research into these records can often be difficult.

Child Care and Protection

Records and indexes relating to child care and protection; child / youth migration from the UK; Randwick Asylum; Scheyville Training Farm.

Census and Musters

Population muster and census records, 1788-1901.

Colonial Secretary

The correspondence of the Colonial Secretary is one of the most valuable sources of information on all aspects of the history of the Colony and the State of NSW.


Civil and criminal court records; Court of Claims; Quarter Sessions; Supreme Court.

Coronial Inquiries
Chemists and Pharmacists
Cabinet documents

Public release of NSW Cabinet Papers

Change of Name