A rare find in the #archives is this small locket. It was found among the Intestate papers of Charles Thompson Dunbar.



In this episode of Archives Behind the Scenes, Martyn shows us the treasure trove of information that you can find in deceased estate files.


Intestate: A person who dies without leaving a will.

This guide provides an overview of the Office of the Curator of Intestate Estates and a select list of related records series

Not digitised

Intestate: A person who dies without leaving a will. This is a very large series of records comprising 964 boxes. The records have been indexed from 1821 to 1913: [6/3481-3910] (excluding boxes of miscellaneous papers) [10/27478-27949] and [6/26823-24, 6/26843-45].

Photograph. Patrick Birmingham NRS 13340 1907 10-27753

Every now and then rare we find rare examples of collection items which may be described as 'treasures'. One example is the intestate estate file for a Mr Patrick Birmingham who died in 1907. Most of the records on this page are not typically found in intestate...