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Owners of firms Registered under the Firms Act, 1902. It records Name of Firm, Nature of Business, Place of Business, Date of Registration, Persons Carrying on Business, Additional People in the Business, Packet Number & Page Number.

The first local councils in NSW were incorporated in 1842, with 29 District Councils established under the provisions of the Imperial Act of 1842, An Act for the Government of New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land.

This Guide lists a number of resources in our collection to help local historians trace the history of a place (rather than focusing on individuals).

We hope that this local history study of the town of Dalgety will give you some tips and tactics for your own local history project.


The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney celebrated its bicentenary on 13 June 2016. A selection of records are discussed in context in celebration of this milestone being reached.


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