The Colonial Architect's Department was responsible for the planning and supervision of the construction and repair of public buildings.

This Guide provides an historical background on the conditional purchase scheme in NSW from 1862 to 1951, also known as 'free selection before survey' along with a list of the major record series and step-by-step guidance on how to access them.

An overview of county, parish and town/village maps created by the Department of Lands and its predecessors and a background to the Parish Map Preservation Project.

Goldmining can be a challenging field of research. The record series listed in this guide may assist.

Detail Sheets: An overview of the Detail Sheets created by the Metropolitan Water Sewerage and Drainage Board (MWS&DB) from c.1904 to 1945 and how to access them. 

The cartographic records of the Surveyor General provide some of the most detailed and comprehensive descriptions of the nature, agricultural potential and occupancy of land in the colony.

A brief overview of the Trigonometrical (Trig) Survey of the City of Sydney 1865, NRS 9929 and the project to make it available on CD-ROM. 

Not digitised

This database is designed to assist users researching the history of public buildings. Most records that are more than 30 years old are open to public access. Those that relate to security buildings are subject to a closed to public access direction, AD 28.

Not digitised

A complete listing of the Surveyor General's Crown Plans from the Select List of Maps and Plans (and Supplement), 1792-1886. It contains the earliest surveys of NSW (towns and villages, squatting districts, counties and parishes, roads, rivers, mountain ranges, and explorers'...

This is an example of a pastoral leasehold run. It's the Obella Holding [NRS 8352 lease #709] which was situated south of Dubbo, part of the Central Land Division.


This is an 1829 plan of the Settlement and Garrison Farm, Norfolk Island, Surveyed by Captain Wakefield [NRS 13859, Map 6321].

Colonial Mutual Life Building 13429_a126_010543

The Colonial Mutual Life (CML) building is a heritage listed Sydney landmark on the corner of Pitt Street and Martin Place, and sits opposite the GPO. It was designed by well-known Sydney architect John Kirkpatrick and built in 1892-93 in the Victorian Free Classical style.


"Proposed Cantilever Arch Bridge Across Sydney Harbour (Alternative B2)"

This design is from series...

Did you know that we have a collection of Hotel Plans for the Sydney area? Many of the beautiful plans have been digitised. 

Parish maps function as indexes to land titling and land tenure records. This webinar shows you how to make sense of all of the details on a parish map.