In 1915 the NSW Police Department advertised for two female special constable positions. Around 400 women applied, with the successful applicants being Maude Rhodes (an inspector for the State Children Relief Department) and Lillian Armfield (a nurse at Callan Park Mental Hospital). At the time...

In the Police Service Registers John Vance Blain is listed as a Foot Police officer (not Mounted Police), born in Ireland in 1850. He was 5 feet 11 and a half inches tall with blue eyes, fair hair, and a fair complexion. 


This register is not dissimilar to the modern day television program Missing Persons Unit. Just like today, people did go missing during the early days of the colony. With limited resources, investigations on missing persons were carried out and this register is a record of the process.


  • Police Special bundles that are over 70 years are Open to Public Access (OPA) and can be viewed in the reading room. 
  • Police Speical bundles that are less than 70 years are Closed to Public Access (CPA) and you are advised to contact the Police Archivist for...

The first police force in the Colony was made up of eight of the best-behaved convicts. This Guide includes a select list of records for researching police officers in NSW.

Not digitised

This index covers police service appointments between 1852 and 1913.