Professions and Occupations

The Public Accountants Registration Board was established by the Public Accountants Registration Act 1945.

Records listed include those from: Clergy and School Lands Corporation and the Department of Industrial Relations and Technology (Apprenticeship Directorate)

The Board of Architects of New South Wales was established under the Architects Act, 1921

The records created by the various boards and offices of the Supreme Court of New South Wales are listed under the heading Supreme Court in this guide.

The Returns of the Colony ('Blue Books')NRS 1286 consist of sets of statistical returns of the Colony of New South Wales and of areas under its jurisdiction compiled...

Sample from the Botanic Gardens and Government Domains Employees Index. Digital ID NRS13129_X1600_007-008

This index is to the Botanic Gardens and Government Domains; NRS 13129, Register of Employees for the period 1863 to 1926. It provides employee's date of birth, date of employment, status, salary and adjustments to salaries, or a change in duties.

Not digitised

This index may assist those researching chemists, druggists and pharmacists who were registered between 1876 and 1920. It contains c.3000 entries.

Dental Board of New South Wales The Dental Board of New South Wales was established under the Dentists' Act, 1900.

This guide provides brief history and overview of the major record series that relate to firefighters

The first NSW Medical Board was constituted in 1838 (2 Victoria, Act No. 22) 'An Act to define the qualifications of Medical Witnesses at Coroner's Inquests and Inquiries held before Justices of the Peace in the Colony of New South Wales'. The Board was responsible for examining...

This guide provides information on how to find arrivals of early military personnel and a list of records in our collection relating to Early British Army Regiments in NSW; Volunteer Force; Sudan Expedition; Boer War; World War I and World War II.

These cards detail the service history of State Rail employees born prior to 1900, and were kept by the Finance Branch to record rates of pay, leave, and superannuation entitlements. Most cards relate to permanent employees, but some cards for construction and casual employees are also included...

This index provides access to digital copies of correspondence relating to applications to take silk in NSW between 1892 and 1950. The index is searchable by name and year appointed silk.

General nursing duties in the earliest days of the Colony were undertaken by untrained convicts. This Guide provides an historical background and select list of records relating to nursing in New South Wales.

The Board of Optometrical Registration was formed under the Opticians' Act 1930.

The Board of Pharmacy of NSW was formed under the Sale and Use of Poisons Act 1876 (40 Vic. No. 9). This Guide lists the main record series relating to pharmacists, chemists and druggists.

The Physiotherapists' Registration Board was established under the Physiotherapists' Registration Act 1945.

The first police force in the Colony was made up of eight of the best-behaved convicts. This Guide includes a select list of records for researching police officers in NSW.

Not digitised

This index covers police service appointments between 1852 and 1913. 

The major sources from our collection relating to gaol staff employed by the NSW Department of Corrective Services and its predecessors

The earliest licensing records in the State archives date from 1798 Bench of Magistrates records. Other early records can be found in the records of the Judge Advocate's Office and the Colonial Secretary.

Not digitised

There are c.20,000 entries to search that covers the period 1830-61. Note: for the years 1849-1852  where we don't hold copies of the licences check newspapers on TROVE for...

Employment with the Railways covered a large range of positions, including working as a driver, cleaner, engineer, draftsman, inspector, timekeeper, porter, ganger etc.

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The Index records the name, position, date of appointment and page number within the register. There are 763 entries

Records that relate to teacher employment in the Government sector between 1788 and 1979

Not digitised

The Teachers' rolls are one of most useful sources for researching individual teachers in the later half of the nineteenth century. They provide a service record for each teacher and include date of birth, examination results, appointments, promotions and date of resignation.

Personnel record books 1884-1955 (NRS 510) detail the career of each fire fighter and include personal information such as date of birth, marital status, number of children and height. Professional information such as...

Not digitised

The index records surveyor's name, date and locality covered and gives book number, item number and reel number (if available on microfilm).

A brief history of the Sydney Harbour Bridge plus a select list of records relating to the design, construction and official opening ceremnony. Also included is a list of records relating to the construction workers employed by the NSW Government.

Government transport records

Fully digitised
Inspector General of Police

This index will be of interest to those whose ancestors may have been unemployed in 1866 and wish to learn of their situation and possibly their approximate arrival in the colony. It also provides a snapshot of economic conditions in Sydney in 1866.