The First Australian Railway Supply Detachment, 11th A.A.SC, 1914. Digital ID 17420_a014_a014000498

A complete index of a single photo (No. 1331) from the State Rail Authority Archives Photographic Reference Print Collection, now in the custody of NSW State Archives. The 65 names have been transcribed from the back of the photograph.

First Railway Imperial Expeditionary Force at the Sydney Showground prior to departure for France, n.d. Digital ID 15905_a014_a015000001

Name search for NSW railway employees who formed the 1st Railway Section of the Australian Imperial Expeditionary Force, also known as the 6th Australian Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company.

The Index records the name, position, date of appointment and page number within the register. There are 763 entries

Name search for railway employees who died in the First World War. 

Search tramways staff records and view the digitised records! This index covers Tramway staff records c.1879 to 1911 and records: name, service entry date and date of birth.