This page was created thanks to a researcher who was looking the records of education and schools for deaf children in NSW.

These photos show the NSW State Correspondence School, Blackfriars. It began in early 1916 for children living in remote and country areas.

Overview of education in New South Wales 1788-c.1979 plus a list of the main record series


Most of these records provide information relating to Government Schools, Orphan Schools and Industrial Schools for admission purposes. The Index to schools and related records, 1876-1979 is the main source for finding records...

Records that relate to teacher employment in the Government sector between 1788 and 1979.


Not digitised

The Teachers' rolls are one of most useful sources for researching individual teachers in the later half of the nineteenth century. They provide a service record for each teacher and include date of birth, examination results, appointments, promotions and date of resignation.

These photographs include children being vaccinated; medical staff; and the interior of the Dental Clinic. The photographs bear no captions and although undated they appear to date from 1914 - the year that the School Travelling Hospital was instituted.


Not digitised

The records indexed include School Administrative files and records from individual schools such as admission registers, punishment books and inspection books. 

The Case of the Disappearing School

“The Case of the disappearing School” (c.1944) is a film produced by the Road Safety Council of NSW that aimed to highlight the potential perils of road traffic to school children.

How to cross the street safely, safe behaviour on public transport and bike safety are some of...