NRS 13100: Transport Correspondence files, 1902-1938

The files listed here relate to the administration of New South Wales Tramways and Omnibus services. The files cover suggestions for improvement of services, maintenance of tramway property, complaints, accident reports and proposed route alterations. Included is some information about interstate and overseas tramway networks in the form of replies to questionnaires circulated by New South Wales Transport Department.

Item Dates Subject
[8/1398] 1902-06 Broken Hill Tramway opening
[8/1398]   Mortlake - Enfield opening
[8/1398]   Balmain conversion to electric traction
[8/1398]   Balmain - Gladesville opening
[8/1398]   Little Bay - La Perouse extension
[8/1398]   Manly Line opening
[8/1398]   Waverley - Bondi conversion
[8/1399]   Millers Point opening
[8/1399]   Darling Street Extension
[8/1399]   South Head extension
[8/1399]   Duplication Rose Bay Line
[8/1399]   Dover Road to Watsons Bay extension
[8/1399]   Merewether Beach extension
[8/1399]   Ocean St cable conversion
[8/1400]   Rozelle Depot opening
[8/1400]   Stock of lifting jacks
[8/1400]   Railways appeals board - expenses to applicants and witnesses
[8/1400]   Re-railing derailed cars
[8/1401]   Abbotsford conversion
[8/1401]   Amalgamation of steam and electrical branches
[8/1401]   Transfer of electric cleaners as conductors
[8/1401]   La Perouse conversion
[8/1402]   King St conversion
[8/1402]   Signals, King and Castlereagh Sts
[8/1402]   Ascot Racecourse extension
[8/1402]   Tenders for hire of horses to draw trams, Manly
[8/1402]   Fare collection Manly line
[8/1402]   Conveyance of parcels by tram to Sydney Railway Station
[8/1402]   Conversion Botany Line
[8/1403] 1907-09 Pocket guides, Sydney tramways
[8/1403]   Electric signal, Bondi Junction
[8/1404]   Parcels traffic, Sans Souci Line
[8/1404]   Henderson Rd extension
[8/1404]   Central Railway Tramway opening
[8/1404]   City Railway extension
[8/1405]   Willoughby - Chatswood extension
[8/1405]   Erskineville opening
[8/1405]   U.S.A. Fleet Visit
[8/1406]   Alexandria duplication
[8/1406]   Direct service, Western Suburbs to Randwick Races
[8/1406]   Dowling St Depot opening
[8/1406]   Elizabeth St Redfern - Zetland Line extension
[8/1407] 1910 Spit to Manly line opening
[8/1407]   Extension Baulkham Hills to Castle Hill
[8/1407]   Death of Edward VII - Traffic arrangements
[8/1408]   Relief line Greens Rd - Oxford St Free travel
[8/1408]   Free travel
[8/1408]   Quay St line
[8/1408]   Parcel traffic Plattsburg line
[8/1408]   Day St extension
[8/1408]   Signal arrangements, Circular Quay
[8/1409]   Universal Saturday half holiday, timetable alterations
[8/1409]   Harris St, Balmain opening - construction proposals
[8/1409]   High St - West Maitland opening
[8/1410] 1911 Ashfield, Mortlake conversion to electrical operation
[8/1410]   Cap Badges
[8/1410]   Green's Road duplication
[8/1411]   All night fares
[8/1411]   Fares and sections revision
[8/1412]   Long Bay duplication
[8/1412]   Manly - Brookvale steam conversion
[8/1412]   Mayfield duplication
[8/1412]   Adamstown to Racecourse duplication
[8/1412]   Mosman duplication
[8/1412]   Willoughby duplication
[8/1413]   Reduction of fares, Watsons Bay Line
[8/1413]   Cronulla Line opening
[8/1414]   Tramway award, 1911
[8/1414]   Ticket Punches
[8/1414]   Extension Waverley Terminus - Bronte Beach
[8/1415]   Campbell St opening
[8/1415]   Speer's Point Line opening
[8/1415]   Cremorne Line opening
[8/1415] 1912 Abbotsford duplication - Hampden Loop to Terminus
[8/1415]   Enfield Shed to Tangarra St duplication
[8/1415]   Balloon Loop, Cabarita Terminus
[8/1415]   Burwood duplication - Comer St to Stanly St
[8/1415]   "Meyers" auto fare collector
[8/1416]   Award, Clerical, 1912
[8/1416]   "Ackley" no staff brakes
[8/1416]   Tempe Depot opening
[8/1416]   Dowling Street Institute opening
[8/1417]   Reduced fares, Military Cadets
[8/1417]   Collapsible barriers (gates) on trams
[8/1417]   Deputation from union re Seniority lists
[8/1417]   Signals, Cleveland St to Newtown Rd Junctions
[8/1417]   Leichhardt - Balmain extension
[8/1418]   Carrington Line opening
[8/1418] 1912 Proposal - Glebe Point to Balmain Tramway
[8/1418]   Undercliffe extension
[8/1418] 1913 Operation of 80 seating cars
[8/1418]   Duplication, Ascot Racecourse
[8/1419]   "O" types - Bronte Line
[8/1419]   Ferry Strike, 1913
[8/1419]   Meal room, Dulwich Hill Terminus
[8/1419]   Leichhardt and Lilyfield Lines Connection
[8/1419]   Plattsburg duplication
[8/1419]   Millers Point Line - request for more frequent services
[8/1419]   Ultimo Recreation Club
[8/1419]   E. J. Doran - appointed Assistant to Tram Traffic Superintendent
[8/1420]   Liverpool St Signals
[8/1420]   Opening - Corn - Oxford St signals
[8/1420]   Tourist cars - discontinued 13.2.1914
[8/1420]   Lismore - proposed tramway
[8/1420]   Little Coogee - extension from Carrington Rd
[8/1421]   Daceyville extension
[8/1421]   Leichhardt - Petersham opening
[8/1421]   Proposed tramway to Rosebery - Model Suburb
[8/1421]   Dulwich Hill - Wattle Hill extension
[8/1421]   Proposed deviation of Botany Line
[8/1421]   Maroubra Bay Tramways
[8/1422] 1914 Rockdale - Brighton-le-Sands
[8/1422]   Employees enlisted (World War I)
[8/1422]   Fare collection instruction
[8/1422]   Special tram fares
[8/1423]   Harris St to Evans St opening
[8/1423]   North Sydney Recreation room
[8/1423]   Extra rolling stock L=50,000 to be spent
[8/1423]   Broadmeadow - Waratah construction
[8/1424]   Bellevue Hill - Bondi opening
[8/1424]   Wickham - Maryville extension
[8/1424]   Tram Terminus at Mortdale
[8/1424] 1916 Emergency Auto Brakes on trams
[8/1424]   Racecourse extension, Newcastle
[8/1424]   Branding of tools
[8/1424]   Wattle Hill - Summer Hill opening
[8/1424]   Woolloomooloo to McQuades Point proposed tramway
[8/1424]   College St to Woolloomooloo opening
  Coast Hospital (Flowers Loop)
[8/1425]   Buses, as an Auxiliary to trams
[8/1425]   Advertising in trams
[8/1426]   Extension proposal - Baulkham Hills to Kellyville and Castle Hill and Dural
[8/1426] 1916 Carriage of parcels on trams - proposal to establish parcels receiving depots
[8/1426]   Rockdale Council request extension, Cook's River to Arncliffe Station
[8/1426]   Training of tram drivers
[8/1426]   Doctors to be called in emergency, in cases of unconsciousness or apparent death
[8/1427]   Reduced services due to increased expenditure and decreases in patrons
[8/1427]   Vision, Colour Sense and Hearing Tests
[8/1428-1432] 1917 Strike files
[8/1432]   Strike volunteers
[8/1431]   Stores supplied to Tramway Depots and Refreshment Rooms
[8/1431] 1918 Broken Hill Strike, 1917
[8/1431]   Newcastle Strike, 1917
[8/1433]   Motor Ambulance for Medical Officer
[8/1433]   Track brakes on trams
[8/1433]   Departmental cars
[8/1434]   Greater Newcastle - report of Royal Commission and Recommendations
[8/1434]   Facing points - examination of
[8/1434]   Suggestions for improved fare collection
[8/1435]   Salary Award Claims
[8/1435]   Claims to be recognised as "Loyalists" during strikes
[8/1435]   Union representatives visiting car sheds
[8/1435]   Rushcutters Bay Recreation room
[8/1436]   Qualifications for Shed Foreman positions
[8/1436] 1920 Bundy time recorders
[8/1437]   Week's leave provided under Section 19, Govt. Railways (Amendment) Act
[8/1437-8] 1921 1921 - application for award variation
[8/1438]   Coasting meters as electric power savers
[8/1439]   Extension to Dulwich Hill - Cook's River to Petersham
[8/1439]   Smoking on duty
[8/1439]   Recreational facilities at Depots
[8/1439]   Adults in Junior Positions
[8/1440]   Hurlstone Park to Canterbury extension
[8/1440] 1922 New Workshops - Gordon Ave, Newcastle
[8/1440]   Lockers at depots
[8/1440]   Monetary penalties associated with punishments
[8/1440]   Training at Ultimo Instruction Room
[8/1440]   Super elevation of Curves of tracks
[8/1440]   Traffic uniforms
[8/1441]   York St - Market St, Druitt St Loop
[8/1441]   Conveyance of dogs
[8/1441]   La Perouse - Supply of Electricity to rented refreshment rooms
[8/1442] 1922 Installation of Westinghouse Brake - Kogarah Sans Souci Line
[8/1442]   Re officers being required to write reports in their own time
[8/1442]   Re alteration of destination signs on trams in the Randwick Coogee Area
[8/1442] 1923 Coupling and uncoupling electric cars
[8/1442]   Testing of cars after accidents
[8/1442]   Automatic couplers
[8/1442]   Fares, comparisons
[8/1442]   Illuminated demonstration Board, Instruction Room
[8/1443] 1923 Requests for 6 months after 20 years and 3 months after 10 years Long Service Leave
[8/1443]   Opening, Leichhardt Depot
[8/1443]   Returned Soldier employees - method of absorbing
[8/1444]   Balmoral Line - double line connection between Military Rd and Bradley's Head Rd via King Max St
[8/1444]   Proposed Doncaster Ave extension
[8/1444]   Tramway from steelworks to Port Waratah
[8/1444]   Maryville to Steelworks line
[8/1445]   Commissioners reports on tramway construction Proposals
[8/1445]   Coin handling machines
[8/1445]   Expenses for Ticket Examiners
[8/1445]   Employees injured, compensated and retired not to be re-employed
[8/1446]   Salaried Officers - expenses
[8/1446]   Fort Macquarie Institute established
[8/1446]   Vocation Training - returned Soldiers
[8/1447]   Overloading, Watsons Bay line - minimum fare trams
[8/1448]   Method of treating acting service in higher grade for increase purposes
[8/1448]   Limit for broken shifts, 12 hours
[8/1448]   Method of using car jacks
[8/1448]   Mayfield Electrification
[8/1449]   Newcastle lines electrification
[8/1449]   Parnel Place improvement
[8/1450]   Hamilton Depot site
[8/1450]   Connecting link, Mosman line - Lane Cove line
[8/1450]   Suspension Bridge extension
[8/1450]   Scale of punishments
[8/1451]   Instruction in use of various cars
[8/1451]   Police Indicators (lights), George and Market Sts
[8/1451]   Uniform Issues
[8/1451]   Re salaries of officers in receipt of L=525 p.a. and over
[8/1452]   Procedure adopted in connection with reports or complaints
[8/1452]   Concession Fares - Rifle Practice
[8/1452] 1923 Depot Advance Accounts
[8/1452-3]   Award Variation, 1923
[8/1454]   Transfer of cars on broken axle truck
[8/1454] 1924 Financial result - Broken Hill, since opening
[8/1454]   Sale of steam trail cars
[8/1454]   Merewether Duplication
[8/1454]   Certain cars restricted to certain track
[8/1454]   Suggested petrol locos in lieu of steam
[8/1454]   Crossing legs in trams – Safety First Notice
[8/1455]   Proposal to use tickets in roll form in lieu of book
[8/1455]   Undercliffe - Forest Hill Tramway
[8/1455]   Chinese Hawkers Baskets in Trams
[8/1455]   Automatic Emergency Valves on coupled cars
[8/1456]   Examination of Electric Drivers
[8/1456]   Examination of equipment
[8/1456]   By-Laws
[8/1456]   Poor headlights
[8/1456]   Instruction returning of signs
[8/1457]   Duplication, Dowling St Depot, Zetland to Bourke St, Waterloo
[8/1457]   Double-deck Tramcars
[8/1457]   Wallsend Electrification
[8/1457]   Adamstown Electrification
[8/1457]   Duplication, Mayfield
[8/1457]   Duplication, Wallsend
[8/1457]   Georges Heights Tramway opening
[8/1458]   Spit Bridge Construction and extension of tracks, Mosman Side
[8/1458]   Curl Curl to Freshwater Tramway
[8/1458]   Upholstering 1st Class Race Trams
[8/1458]   Electrification of the Newcastle Tramways
[8/1458]   Car Storage Accommodation North Sydney Depot
[8/1458]   Tramway Extension - Zetland to Rosebery estate (Crewe Place)
[8/1459] 1925 Conditional Stopping Places
[8/1459]   Carrington Electrification
[8/1459]   Points Locking Device
[8/1460]   Sponge Cloths issued to Conductors
[8/1460]   Loco and Storemen's Award
[8/1460]   Wages Staff employed clerically
[8/1461-2] 1926 Federal Award, 1926
[8/1462]   Cash Bags
[8/1462]   Ticket Cases - Covering
[8/1462]   News Boys jumping on Tramcars
[8/1462]   Placing feet on tramcar seats
  Steam Driver, Kogarah
[8/1463]   Diversion of Route to Crown St Trams
[8/1463] 1926 Advertising on backs of Tramway Cash Fare Tickets
[8/1464]   Police riding at front of tramcars
[8/1464]   Deputation to Commissioner re Parramatta Woollen Mills Service
[8/1464]   Tramway Regulations
[8/1464]   Evidence by William Henry Kilpatrick, Senior Roster Clerk, New South Wales, Traffic Branch Tramways
[8/1465]   Strike adjustments
[8/1465]   Through routing of trams - eastern to western suburbs
[8/1465]   Workmen's Weekly Tickets
[8/1466]   Tramway car shed, Gordon Ave, Hamilton
[8/1466]   Cafeteria - Newtown Depot
[8/1466]   Steam Drivers to be regressed to Electric Drivers Newcastle by electrification of Steel Works Line
[8/1467]   Probationary Staff
[8/1467]   Lifting Jacks
[8/1467]   Gordon Ave Institute
[8/1467]   Lambton Terminus
[8/1468]   Closure of Broken Hill Line
[8/1468]   Closure of Arncliffe Line
[8/1468]   Closure of West Maitland Line
[8/1468]   Adults filling Junior Positions
[8/1468]   Provision of helmets for wages staff employed in exposed positions on Sports Days
[8/1469] 1927 Extension of the Lane Cove Line to Terminus
[8/1469]   Tramcar control Handles
[8/1469]   Medical Committee Returns 1925-27
[8/1469]   Deductions from Salaried Officers as Insurance Premiums
[8/1470]   Rates of Pay - Wages staff in salaried positions
[8/1470]   Bayswater Rd Widening
[8/1471]   Proposed Tramway Links, Bent - Loftus, George, College Hat etc. Sts
[8/1471-2]   Visit of Duke and Duchess of York
[8/1472] 1928 Supervision of Enfield Tramway Services
[8/1472]   Treatment of Overtime worked by Inspectors, Sub-Inspectors, Ticket Examiners and Shed Changemen
[8/1472]   Trotting and Mechanical Hare Coursing at the Speedway, Newcastle
[8/1473]   Electric Bells on Coupled cars
[8/1472]   Eucharistic Congress - Traffic Arrangements
[8/1472]   Tyrrell House, Newcastle - Office Accommodation
[8/1472]   Proposed separation - Tramway and Railway Departments
[8/1474]   Opening of College St Line
[8/1474]   Proposal to remove Tram Lines fronting the Prince of Wales Hospital Randwick
[8/1474]   Proposed Double Deck Electric Cars
[8/1474]   N.S.W. Board of Reference Tramway Traffic Employees
[8/1475] 1928 Traffic Advisory Committee held at Sydney Town Hall (on Traffic Congestion)
[8/1475]   Representations to the Premier that wages Employees in the Railway and Tramway Depts should be allowed Sick Pay
[8/1475]   St Peters Council - Request for press buttons to be provided on Tram cars
[8/1475]   Automatic or Mechanical traffic signals
[8/1476]   Proposed underground tramways
[8/1476]   Vision, Colour, Sense and Hearing Examinations
[8/1476-7] 1929 Royal Commissions
[8/1477]   Bridge St Yard - proposed vacation of
[8/1477]   Proposed widening of Elizabeth and Hunter Sts
[8/1477]   Family Endowment Act
[8/1477]   Neutral Bay Terminus - operation of Catch - points
[8/1477]   Kings Cross congestion
[8/1478]   Police Safety Zones
[8/1478]   Traffic Rosters.  Straight broken and Midday shifts
[8/1478]   Kensington Junction - shunting facilities
[8/1479]   Canterbury Station to Racecourse - proposed extension
[8/1479]   Blinds on Tram Cars and issue of tramway passes - Newcastle District
[8/1479]   Rates of pay and conditions applicable to wages employees
[8/1479]   Treatment of pay of employees who sustain injury
[8/1479]   Requests received for the private addresses of employees
[8/1479]   H. E. Campey's Inspector Report
[8/1479]   N.S.W. Govt. Tramways Traffic Branch Organization
[8/1479]   The Commissioner of Road Transport
[8/1479]   Extracts from the "Labour Daily" and "Sundry News" regarding the Tramways
[8/1479]   Request from the Town Clerk, Municipality of Wickham, for the provision of an overlapping section, Mayfield Line, Newcastle
[8/1479]   Exemptions under salaried Officers Award allowed clerical staff who pass annual institute examinations
[8/1479]   Junior Staff to be fully advised when taken into the Service as to the risks of the Termination of their Employment on attaining the Age of 21 years
[8/1479]   Annual Leave allowances to Salaried Officers - Calculation of Leave Due
[8/1480]   Calculation, clearance and payment of wages for public holidays, week's leave and month's leave
[8/1480]   Widows applying for payment of Monetary value of leave due to deceased husbands
[8/1480]   Stabbing of "O", "P" & "L/P" types at Newtown Depot
[8/1480]   Salaried Officers' Award.  Officers, other than relief Officers, acting in higher grades
[8/1480]   Banking Arrangements with the Bank of N.S.W.
[8/1480]   Departmental objection to Hotel near Dowling St Depot
[8/1480-1] 1929 Expiation of offences by Good Service and Conduct
[8/1481]   Training of officers in Railway and Tramway Service in Electric Car Driving
[8/1481]   Derailment of Tramway Vehicles
[8/1481]   Proposed New Traffic Meal Room, Dowling St Depot
[8/1481]   Dowling St Substation
[8/1481]   Newtown Council - Request for overlap section, Railway Gates
[8/1481]   Question as to whether Drivers Regressed to Conductors shall be allowed to revert to the positions they held prior to promotion to the Driver Grade
[8/1481]   Rockdale - Brighton-le-Sands Tramway
[8/1483] 1930 Proposed Award 1926-27
[8/1483]   North Bondi Terminus - Fencing in Scarborough Cres
[8/1483]   Federal Tramway Traffic Award
[8/1483]   Federal Log covering Conditions of the Wages Staff
[8/1483]   Payment to be made to Employees covered by the Engineers etc Award when directed to return to Work after the Usual Finishing Time
[8/1484]   Connecting Line George and Pitt Sts via Hay St
[8/1484]   Carrington Bus Services
[8/1484]   Introduction of Overlapping Section
[8/1484]   Maroubra Bay Extension
[8/1484]   Starting Signals for trams
[8/1485]   Proposed new carsheds, Rushcutters Bay
[8/1485]   Proposed extension - Watsons Bay to Bondi
[8/1485]   Transport Bill 1929 - Transfer of Departmental activities from Railway Department
[8/1485]   Sale of Typewriters to Employees
[8/1485]   Waiting Shed - William St, Double Bay, Watson's Bay Line
[8/1485]   Proposed extension of tramway Botany to Bunnerong Power House
[8/1486] 1931 Lamps stolen from Tramcars
[8/1486]   Competition from Private Buses
[8/1486]   Bay St, Botany trams standing in Botany Rd
[8/1486]   Tram services running from Bay St Botany via Railway Square, etc
[8/1486]   Railway Square - Provision of Thompson Lever working Points from Down Erskineville Line to outside Loop
[8/1486]   Proposed construction of a roadway through Victoria Park from Cleveland St to Parramatta Rd
[8/1487]   Strike Adjustments
[8/1487]   Proposed motor feeder services - Newcastle
[8/1487]   Shortland Park Newcastle - Proposed replanning
[8/1487]   Cash to Bank escorts and safe custody of cash at Depots
[8/1488]   Rationing of work - wages staff
[8/1488]   Rental of Tramway Cabins
[8/1488]   Allocation of Relief work in the higher grades
[8/1488] 1931 Closure of Sutherland Depot
[8/1488]   Safety zone at up stopping place in Liverpool St at the intersection of Elizabeth St
[8/1488]   Lettering of tramway stop posts
[8/1489]   Payments to Sydney Council for Litter - (Tickets blowing from Trams)
[8/1489]   Award adjustments
[8/1489]   Springvale - La Perouse discontinued
[8/1489]   Rationing of employees in Receipt of Accident Pay
[8/1489]   Newcastle District Transport Trust
[8/1489]   Overlapping Fare Section - Wallsend Drive
[8/1489]   Corrections between Oxford St Line & Watson's Bay
[8/1490]   Cross-overs and Sidings
[8/1490]   Clovelly Terminus - alteration to allow access to beach by cars
[8/1490]   Timetable books
[8/1491]   Railway Season Tickets organisation - half fares for employees
[8/1491]   Group Assurance Society Ltd
[8/1491]   Introduction of New Cash Fare Tickets - Metropolitan Lines
[8/1491]   Overlapping Sections in Central Square
[8/1491]   Newcastle and District Transport Trust - Cottage, Rose St, Tighes Hill
[8/1491]   Roster allotting cleaning work to Drivers and Conductors
[8/1491]   Rostering of leave so that men can get away either before or after restricted periods for use of passes
[8/1492]   Rates of Pay to Employees Injured on Duty
[8/1492]   Rationing of work due to surplus of staff - Chief Engineers Branch
[8/1492]   Rationing of work - Fitting staff - Randwick workshops and Car Sheds
[8/1492]   Royal Fleet Reservations in Public Employment in the Commonwealth
[8/1492]   Resumption of premises No.104 Bayswater Rd, Darlinghurst
[8/1492]   Tramway Timekeepers' Increase
[8/1492]   City Council re working of two shifts on Tramways in the city streets
[8/1492]   Removal of garbage from Tramway meal room - Western Rd, Rozelle
[8/1492]   Rostering of Staff for Return Cricket and Show Ground Specials
[8/1492]   Removal of garbage from Tramway meal room - Weston Rd, Rozelle
[8/1492]   Remission application for fine imposed on Mrs Helen Mason
[8/1492]   Men having their rationed work suspended owing to extra work
[8/1492]   Notes of suggestions Meeting No.1.  Held 10 March 1931
[8/1492] 1931 Notes of suggestions Meeting No.4.  Held at 2.30 pm Tuesday, 31 March 1931
[8/1492]   Representations to Minister by A. McKillop re rationing and meal relief
[8/1493]   Rationing of Wages Staff
[8/1493]   Replacement of "E", "K" and "J" type cars by "O" type cars at North Sydney and Waverley Depots
[8/1493]   Rate of rationing
[8/1493]   Meal relief allotted to Driver John Blake, of Ultimo Depot, on 21 February 1931
[8/1493]   Extract from notes of Suggestions Meetings No.11, held at 2.30 pm Tuesday, 19 May 1931
[8/1493]   Reductions in Ferry services provided by the Sydney Ferries Limited to take effect on and after Friday, 1 May 1931
[8/1493]   Extract from notes of suggestions Meeting No.7, held at 2.30 pm Tuesday, 21 April 1931 regarding rationing
[8/1493]   Authorisation for Revenue Room Clerks to issue L=1 reserve to conductors
[8/1493]   Railway Public Receipt Books
[8/1493]   Request by the Waverley Branch of the A.L.P. that the incidence of rationing in the Tramway Traffic Branch be reduced to 1 week in 10
[8/1493]   Rubber stamps required
[8/1493]   Return copy of "Roads and Road Construction"
[8/1493]   Tramway management Board Cash Receipt Cheque
[8/1493]   King's Birthday
[8/1493]   Suggestion T17 - Cars failing to reverse - instruct drivers as to procedure
[8/1493]   Letter from Mr J. S. Coble regarding rationing of Tramway Drivers and Conductors
[8/1493]   Information as to whether staff had completed their second issue of rationing before employees commenced their third week
[8/1493]   Rationing in the Rolling Stock Branch
[8/1493]   Erection of signal cabins
[8/1494]   Reductions in rates of wages and salaries for 1931-32 as compared with 1929-30
[8/1494]   Railway platforms Towealgra and Trewilga confusion due to similarity of names
[8/1494]   Conductor J. E. Stephenson - re Privilege Pass to Trewilga
[8/1494]   Australian Railways Union's request for representative to be allowed time to collect dues from North Sydney men on pay day
[8/1494]   Re-opening of the Government Savings Bank of New South Wales
[8/1494]   Government Savings Bank of N.S.W.
[8/1494]   Report and Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31 August 1931
[8/1494]   Change of Rationed Work from extracts of Suggestions Meeting No.29.  7.10.1931
[8/1494] 1931 Extract from Notes of Suggestions Meeting No. 29.  7.10.1931 concerning Rationing
[8/1495] 1932 Apron Plate advertising on Tramway cars
[8/1495]   Letter concerning the copy of the Final Report of the Commission
[8/1495]   Conductor S. E. Hart - Allegedly robbed of cash fare takings, 22.10.1931
[8/1495]   Communication from Mr L. Killingbech requesting refund of fares paid for conveyance of lawn mower by tram - 15.11.1931
[8/1495]   Request for improved tram service
[8/1495]   Extract from Suggestions Meeting No.37 - 15.12.1931 concerning Men rostered for work on Christmas Day or holidays
[8/1495]   Extract from Suggestions Meeting No.38 - 22.12.1931
[8/1495]   Supply of three radiators for the office of the Commission of Road Transport
[8/1495]   Rationed week in Tramway Traffic, Electrical and Permanent Way Departments
[8/1495]   Waverley Assistant Rosters Nos. 5D and 7D
[8/1496]   Salaried Officers Award
[8/1496]   Proposed transfer of Newtown Line trams to George St
[8/1496]   Fares to Harold Park
[8/1497] 1931 Australian and New Zealand Tramways Conference
[8/1497]   General Conference on Tramways and Motor Buses November 1929
[8/1498]   Tramway Parcels despatched by rail - Use of Parcels stamps
[8/1498]   Australian Mutual Provident Society - request for deductions to be made from salaries and wages of employees, etc
[8/1498]   Sutherland-Cronulla Steam Tramway
[8/1498]   Legal assistance required in connection with the activities of the Transport Trust
[8/1498]   Representations by the N.S.W. Railway and Tramway Officers' Association respecting delay in allowing credit to revenue clerks
[8/1498]   The running through of tram services from western suburbs to Bondi Beach at week-ends and on public holidays
[8/1498]   Resumption of duty after absence of account of injury or sickness
[8/1499]   Further representations re the provisions of lavatory accommodation at Cooks River Terminus
[8/1499]   Can all lines passes be purchased
[8/1499]   Messrs Grace Bros Ltd, proposal to charter tramways
[8/1499]   Bridge celebrations - illuminating Trams passing over it
[8/1499]   Starters - request elevation to the Salaried staff
[8/1499]   Preference to Australia and British in employment
[8/1499]   Alleged unfair treatment of clerks booked off duty
[8/1499]   Through Trams - western suburbs to Bondi Beach week-ends
[8/1499] 1932 Commonwealth Sales Tax
[8/1499]   Sydney Harbour Bridge - Fares
[8/1499]   Port Macquarie Diary
[8/1499]   Darling St wharf - tram and boat connections
[8/1499]   Instruction for the Shed Changemen, Dowling St Depot
[8/1499]   Connection between trams at Livingstone Rd Junction and at Dulwich Hill Terminus
[8/1499]   Erection of trespass prohibition notice at Newtown Depot Yard
[8/1499]   Employees engaged on Light work on Account of Injuries and sickness
[8/1499]   Request for elimination of casual driving
[8/1499]   Staff Car from Dacey Ave to Dowling St Depot Junction - Sundays
[8/1499]   Crown St Tram Service - Mr J. S. Avey's complaint
[8/1500]   Coogee Line - Drivers to be on the look-out and reduce speed when approaching Dudley St
[8/1500]   Request that a Traffic Constable be stationed at Abercrombie and Cleveland Sts from 4.30 to 5.30 pm
[8/1500]   Application for tenure of vacant land
[8/1500]   Request for a Union Notice Case to be installed at Robertson Rd
[8/1501]   Mr M. H. Berry's Account
[8/1501]   Request that ex-Conductor A. J. Hutchinson be re-employed
[8/1501]   Claim of Campbell William Stuart Glen
[8/1501]   Annual holidays in the Engineers for Tramways' Branch
[8/1501]   Seniority of Conductor E. J. Crawley
[8/1501]   Driver Egan be placed in the position of Starter-Signalman
[8/1501]   Mrs Kathleen Le Lagadec; injured, thrown on to floor of car owing to sudden start of the tram, Leichhardt Terminus, 7.12.1931
[8/1501]   Variation in Tramway fares for school pupils attending sport
[8/1501]   Miss Eileen Gallagher, injured, rear collision of trams between Robertson Rd and Kensington Platform, 11.12.1931
[8/1501]   Co-ordination of tram services
[8/1501]   Mrs Isabel Teeie Hogan, injured, rear collision of trams between Robertson Rd and Kensington Platform, 11.12.1931
[8/1501]   Miss Rae Abrahams, injured, rear collision of trams near Robertson Rd, Moore Park, 9.12.1931
[8/1502]   Mrs Mary Kathleen Ray, injured, rear collision of trams between Robertson Rd and Kensington Platform, 11.12.1931
[8/1502]   Area of land resumed in connection with the Kellett Ave and Mansion Lane resumption
[8/1502]   Starter's cabine required on tramway platform at Wynyard Station
[8/1502]   Australian & New Zealand Tramways Conference
[8/1503]   Charges rendered by Railway Department
[8/1503] 1932 Drainage - Tramway Cutting Miranda
[8/1503]   Nuisance from Loose top dressing on tram tracks
[8/1503]   Rosebery to Zetland - Guarantee Fund
[8/1503]   Sale of land Brighton-le-Sands to RC Church
[8/1503]   Pitt St congestion
[8/1503]   Combined weekly tickets - tramway - railway
[8/1503]   Damage to Overhead wiring Wynyard Tunnel
[8/1504]   Leichhardt Depot - Maintenance - Tram 40% Railway
[8/1504]   Wallsend Terminus - Raising of road to enable passengers to board trams
[8/1504]   Land dedication - Manly between Sydney Rd and Ethel St
[8/1504]   Sydney Harbour Bridge - Administration Bill
[8/1504]   Requests for fare reductions - Sydney Harbour Bridge and North Sydney districts
[8/1504]   Guaranteed Special Trams - Newcastle and Sydney
[8/1504]   Brighton-le-Sands Service - Duplication Farr St Loop and Depot Junction
[8/1504]   Suggested hiking tours to connect with tramway services
[8/1504]   Purchase of cement grouting machines
[8/1504]   Newcastle - proposed deviation of Ocean Drive through Shortland Park
[8/1504]   Re-organisation of Transport - maintenance Engineer for Trams
[8/1504]   Grace Bros Ltd - 2,000 free fares on trams
[8/1505]   Suggestion:  electric ballast trades
[8/1505]   West Wallsend:  application to purchase w.c. building
[8/1505]   Repair of Burrough's adding machine, Randwick Tramway Shops
[8/1505]   Tramway arrangements, Queen & Ocean Sts, Bellevue Hill line
[8/1505]   La Perouse line, renewal of crossing at old Rifle Range Junction
[8/1505]   Claim by Loveridge - motor car collision
[8/1505]   Penetration concrete track foundations
[8/1505]   Application to rent portion of tramway waiting room, Rapsberry Gully, Charlestown, Newcastle
[8/1505]   Retention of tramway, Manly to Harbord Beach
[8/1505]   Lease of departmental premises - Zetland Terminus
[8/1505]   Proposal to remove tramway Signal box & span poles - Elizabeth & Liverpool Sts
[8/1505]   Coogee line - proposed terminal arrangements for trams at Anzac Pde & Cleveland St Junction
[8/1505]   Introduction of overlapping tramway fare section
[8/1505]   Ryde line proposed duplication weaver loop to Station
[8/1505]   Injury:  collision between locomotive and tram, Botany
[8/1505]   Suggestion:  overhanging signs at tram stopping places
[8/1505]   Suggestion:  fencing of property at Waverley
[8/1505]   Complaint - re tendering of spurious coins to tram conductors
[8/1505] 1932 Grinnell Automatic Sprinklers in Tramway Sheds
[8/1505]   Request:  that Employees transferred from Newcastle to Sydney be granted Periodical home passes
[8/1505]   Injury received alighting from tram
[8/1506]   Adjustment of Road levels at stopping places Hunter St West Newcastle
[8/1506]   Use of waiting sheds for broadcast advertising
[8/1506]   Maintenance and construction of tramtracks Newcastle Area
[8/1506]   Arm tram conductors against robbery
[8/1506]   Rail corrugation ANZ Tramways conference
[8/1506]   Throsby Creek (Newcastle) drainage
[8/1506]   Erection of waiting shed, Lilyfield Terminus
[8/1506]   Lease of Premises - La Perouse Loop
[8/1507]   Overlapping Sections - Chatswood Line
[8/1507]   Reduction in Sections - Lane Cove Line
[8/1507]   Dedication of Land Graham St, Balgowlah
[8/1507]   Purchase of 5 two ton trucks for Overhead Section
[8/1508]   3 plans - Willoughby Tramway alterations
[8/1508]   Conditional stopping of trams at Royal Hospital for Women
[8/1508]   Manly - the Spit tram service:  non-stop trams
[8/1508]   Kensington tram service - collection of fares
[8/1508]   Display of Neon Signs on tramway property
[8/1508]   Proposed bridge of Shea's Creek, Mascot
[8/1508]   Thermit Welding Joints - provision of Hand Grinding machines
[8/1508]   Collection of Season Tickets from retired employees
[8/1508]   Tramway indicator board at Wynyard
[8/1508]   Proposed mechanical operation of points at Miller St and Pacific Highway junction
[8/1508]   National union of tramway men of Australia
[8/1508]   Decorated Ballast trade for advertising purposes
[8/1508]   Manly - Narrabeen tramway:  closure
[8/1508]   Sales tax on tram cars
[8/1508]   Sydney Harbour Bridge - opening between uprights
[8/1508]   Overlapping section:  Maroubra Jet to Wise Streets
[8/1508]   La Perouse Line
[8/1508]   Proposal to utilise tramway Starter's office in Eddy Ave as pay office
[8/1508]   Proposed overlapping tramway fare section, Botany Line between Waterloo & McEvoy St
[8/1508]   Publication in connection with Industrial Work
[8/1508]   Removal of tramway tracks from Parnell Place, Newcastle
[8/1508]   Overlapping fare section between Wellband & Bent Sts, Ashfield - Cabarita lines
[8/1508]   Retention of stopping place in Oxford St at Hopewell St, Paddington
[8/1508] 1932 Request for lighting at Flower's Loop conditional stopping place
[8/1508]   Preference to tenders submitted by State Industrial Undertakings
[8/1508]   Request for insurance of ticket examiners who need to drive cars
[8/1508]   Solaglow Signs for trams
[8/1509]   Brisbane tramway waybills and also data for Melbourne and South Australia.
[8/1509]   Requests for lower steps on tramcars
[8/1509]   Siderack displays on tramcars
[8/1509]   Waiting Room - Ryde Station - Cleaning of
[8/1509]   Draft Deflectors - drivers cabins - (dreadnought cars)
[8/1509]   Purchase of land, Balmoral (A. H. Wetton)
[8/1509]   Hire of Road Tank wagons for conveyance of hot tar from Wolli Creek Depot
[8/1509]   Kogarah Station - unsatisfactory road surface
[8/1509]   Drainage - tramway reserve between Portland and Lemartz Sts, Enfield
[8/1509]   Traffic Conditions - George St at Wynyard entrance
[8/1509]   Sutherland - Cronulla Service Closure
[8/1509]   Ashfield Council - damage claim - damage to streets during reconstruction between Summer Hill and Hurlstone Park
[8/1509]   Capital Cost - N.S.W. Tramways
[8/1509]   Provision of footbridge - Gully Line (Newcastle)
[8/1510]   General conditions & ideas re running of trams
[8/1510]   Tramway dashboards obscured by coupling of tramcars
[8/1510]   Flooding of Premises:  Burton St Darlinghurst
[8/1510]   Request re through tram service Mosman Bay Milson's Point
[8/1510]   Suggestion about notebooks
[8/1510]   Request re prohibition of parking in Liverpool Rd Ashfield
[8/1510]   Notices to Newspaper editors re alterations in tram services
[8/1510]   Overlapping tram fare section on Circular Quay - Matraville line
[8/1510]   Request for replacement of obsolete rolling stock
[8/1510]   Proposed contract for 4,000 tons of 80lb 801 section tram rails
[8/1510]   Proposed connecting tramline, Maroubra Junction to Matraville Hotel
[8/1510]   Proposal for Thompson lever & Pointsman's cabin Hay & Elizabeth Sts
[8/1510]   Movement of waiting shed at Barnes St Junction
[8/1510]   Demolition of bridges Wigram Rd Glebe
[8/1510]   Reconstruction of Phillip St Redfern
[8/1510]   Condition of Roadway:  Cleveland St Overbridge
[8/1510]   Suggestion re wording of tram-stop notices
[8/1510] 1932 Application for right of way over land:  Cowles Rd, Mosman
[8/1511]   Supply of water for tramway track watering
[8/1511]   Town Hall - Wynyard Railway Stations - effect on tramway traffic
[8/1511]   Cronulla Terminus - drain on Tramway land - proposed use by Sutherland Shire Council
[8/1511]   Proposed overlapping sections
[8/1511]   Tariff Board Inquiry - fuel oil
[8/1511]   Proposed extension - steelworks Terminus (Newcastle)
[8/1511]   Suggested flexible undercarriage for trams
[8/1511]   Tariff duty proposed on bitumen
[8/1511]   Annual Statement of accounts
[8/1511]   Regulation of traffic - Cricket Ground
[8/1511]   Request resumption of McMahons Point Tramway
[8/1512]   School Safety First Bulletins
[8/1512]   Mortlake - Ashfield Estimates of re-laying and reconditioning of tracks
[8/1512]   Advertising on span poles
[8/1512]   State Highway No. 9 reconstruction of Brunker St, Newcastle
[8/1512]   Petition re retention of Mortlake tramway
[8/1512]   Suggestion re colouring of conditional tramstop signs
[8/1512]   Clean up of Bridge St Yard
[8/1512]   Collection of fares by conductors travelling passenger
[8/1512]   Ticket punch system
[8/1512]   City lines - tracks in Phillip St
[8/1512]   Complaint - general
[8/1512]   Suggestion:  substitute pantographs for trolley poles
[8/1512]   Display of posters on Enmore starter's cabin
[8/1512]   Suggestions for improvements in Newcastle tram service
[8/1512]   Overlapping section, Durham Rd, Wallsend
[8/1512]   Erskine St - Watson's Bay service
[8/1512]   Substituting buses for trams, Lane Cove
[8/1512]   Provision of points box at junction of Alfred & Arbitration Sts
[8/1512]   Proposed awning, Newtown Tram Depot
[8/1512]   Overlapping section, Manly - Narrabeen line
[8/1512]   Discontinue lighting of tram trades where flood lighting provided
[8/1512]   Proposed extension of tramway across Cook's River bridge, Arncliffe
[8/1512]   Dispensing with rollers on rail grinders
[8/1512]   Sale of tram shed, Fifth St, Arncliffe
[8/1512]   Reduction in fares, Manly line
[8/1512]   Recover material from Walsh Island Line
[8/1512]   Ascot racecourse tickets
[8/1512]   Shelter Shed, Glebe Island Bridge
[8/1512]   Surfacing tram tracks
[8/1512] 1932 Alteration of working of conditional tram stop posts
[8/1512]   Through service - Abbotsford to Canterbury
[8/1512]   Shops in Redfern - insurance of plate glass
[8/1512]   Lease of land, Honeysuckle, Newcastle
[8/1512]   Injury claim (J. S. Treweels)
[8/1512]   Complaint - drivers failing to stop at conditional stops
[8/1512]   Overlapping Section Ashfield - Cabarita
[8/1512]   MSW & DB, provision of meter
[8/1512]   Overhead wire collapse, Coogee line
[8/1513]   Public officers placed under security
[8/1513]   Mileage cards
[8/1513]   Co-ordination of services - Newcastle - introduction of combined tram-bus tickets
[8/1514]   Competition from taxis - Newcastle
[8/1514]   Wallsend - Speers Point - electrification
[8/1514]   Unsatisfactory service to Maroubra
[8/1514]   Creation of conditional stopping places
[8/1514]   School children - travelling allowance
[8/1514]   Combined tram and bus tickets
[8/1515]   Reduction of fares on Manly lines
[8/1515]   Lighting at Broadmeadow Junction
[8/1515]   Guaranteed Special Trams, Sydney and Newcastle
[8/1515]   Elevation of footway, Broadmeadow Junction
[8/1515]   Signal Box at Elermore Vale Tramway Crossing, West Wallesend Line
[8/1515]   Milang Tours
[8/1516]   Toilet facilities - Newcastle
[8/1516]   Motor cars parked on tramlines - Balmoral terminus
[8/1516]   1/- per day for wages staff on clerical duties
[8/1516]   Passes for returned incapacitated soldiers
[8/1516]   Provision for smokers on tramcars
[8/1516]   Reduction of female clerical staff
[8/1516]   Withdrawal of Route clocks and Mileage cards Bundy
[8/1516]   Transfer of Traffic Staff to Sydney from Newcastle - order of re-transfer
[8/1516]   Waiting Rooms - Cronulla Line
[8/1516]   La Perouse and State Penitentiary Tram Services
[8/1516]   Tramway Institute Football Club - visit to Adelaide
[8/1516]   Overlapping Fore Section - Elizabeth St Line
[8/1516]   Extension of Cathedral St
[8/1516]   Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge
[8/1517]   Conditional Stopping Places
[8/1517]   Application to Utilise Tramway Land - Newtown
[8/1517]   Additional Storage Accommodation - North Sydney
[8/1517]   Washing facilities - Wynyard Station
[8/1517]   Wynyard platform indicator
[8/1517]   Proposed non-stop service from Cremorne Wharf to Cremorne Junction
[8/1517]   Proposed improvements - Queen's Square
[8/1517]   Special fares section - North Sydney line
[8/1517]   General working - North Shore Line
[8/1517]   Opening - Sydney Harbour Bridge
[8/1517]   Re-employment of retrenched probationary conductors
[8/1517]   Retention of adults in junior positions
[8/1517]   General proposals re tram stops
  Illness of tram starters
[8/1518]   New tunnel and co-operation junction crossings
[8/1518]   Supervision of outgoing city trunk-lines
[8/1518]   Seniority order of acting ticket examiners
[8/1518]   Tramway waiting sheds
[8/1518]   Information required re tramway workings
[8/1518]   Extension to Ryde railway station
[8/1518]   Tram conductors - travelling passenger assisting in collection of fares
[8/1518]   Opening -Sydney Harbour Bridge
[8/1518]   Bus duties - selection of employees
[8/1518]   Insufficient running time - Taronga Park Line
[8/1518]   Wynyard Signal Box - plans and details
[8/1518]   Tramway starters - duties
[8/1519]   Leaking condition of bridge Burwood Railway Station
[8/1519]   Competition from Private cars
[8/1519]   The Tramways Band
[8/1519]   Naval Trainees - fares
[8/1519]   Fares and Sections - La Perouse Line
[8/1519]   Gardeners Rd Widening - resumption of Dept. Land
[8/1520]   Newcastle Electrification
[8/1520]   Device for prevention of rear collision of trams
[8/1520]   Bridge St Buildings
[8/1520]   Building of 'R' type Tram cars
[8/1520]   Provision of tram shelter, Enfield
[8/1520]   Provision of tram shelter, Leichhardt line
[8/1520]   Essance Rotary Grinder
[8/1520]   Extension of tramway to Camp Cove Beach (proposed)
[8/1520]   Application for rental of portion of waiting shed, Lambton
[8/1520]   Relaying of tram tracks, Bondi Rd at Old South Head Rd
[8/1520]   Concreting over water main, Vaucluse
[8/1520]   Proposed disposal of tramway land, Balgowlah
[8/1521] 1933 Spread of Hours on Broken shifts
[8/1521]   Balloon Loop - Mascot
[8/1521]   Establishment of Bus services - Railway Botany
[8/1521]   Duties of District Superintendent, Newcastle
[8/1521]   Substitution of electric lanterns for oil lamps at track work locations
[8/1521]   Treasury Guarantee Fund Claim No. 104
[8/1521]   Deputation to Commissioner
[8/1521]   Blocking of roadway in front of theatre (Ashfield)
[8/1521]   Suggestions Meeting 27.6.1933
[8/1521]   Erection of 'Beware of Trams' sign, Hercules St, Ashfield
[8/1521]   Repair of Strong Box, Enfield Depot
[8/1521]   Complaint re early running of trams
[8/1521]   Abbotsford & Ryde Tramway Substations - 2nd Rotary converter Units to be Made Automatic
[8/1521]   Tram Ticket Advertising
[8/1521]   Care of Advertisements in Tram Cars
[8/1521]   Position of Honorary Ambulance Instructor, North Sydney (1933)
[8/1521]   Proposal for alteration to Botany Tram Service
[8/1521]   Proposed automatic stop indicator for trams & buses
8/1522   Examination papers various traffic positions
[8/1523]   Duties - Shed staff - starters and assistants
[8/1523   Clearances - overhead bridges
[8/1523   Opening of crossover Wynyard Station
[8/1523   Publicity regarding Departmental operations
[8/1523   Enquiry into standard hours
[8/1523   Wallsend Tramway
[8/1523   Application of handbrakes
[8/1523   Keeping communication cords tight
[8/1523   Bell Punch Machine
[8/1523   Request for assistant conductors
[8/1523   Circular Quay tram service
[8/1523   Routing of Botany Tram Service
[8/1523   Renewal of Junction Points, Ascot Racecourse
[8/1523   Contract for removal of garbage - Rozelle Meal room
[8/1523   Dedication of Tramway land for park purposes
[8/1523   Employees not forwarding communications through proper channels
[8/1523   Application for refund of surrendered value of concession season tickets to employees
[8/1523   Counterfeit coin tester
[8/1523   Contribution towards upkeep of N.S.W. Government Tourist Bureau
[8/1523   Proposed lease of Goods Shed, Cronulla
[8/1523   Cash fare ticket monthly book
[8/1523   Placing of parcels on trams
[8/1523   Request re days off, exchanging thereof
[8/1523   Extracts from notes of Suggestions Meeting 8.2.1933
[8/1523   Running of staff car
[8/1523   Elizabeth & Hay Sts - provision of points lever
[8/1524] 1933 Protection of trams, Gordon Ave Depot
[8/1524]   Tenancy of building, Hannell St, Wickham
[8/1524]   Sale of building, Hannell St, Wickham
[8/1524]   Raised platforms at Tucker St & Belford St, Hamilton
[8/1524]   Noticeboard at Newcastle Station
[8/1524]   Erection of glass case for notices about Balmain district hospital
[8/1524]   Temporary suspension of tram & ferry traffic, Manly & Earlwood lines
[8/1524]   Manly - Narrabeen line
[8/1524]   Departmental Motor Vehicles
[8/1524]   Suggestions & improvements Meeting 7.12.1933
[8/1524]   Leichhardt Stadium
[8/1524]   Time allowance for Meal relief
[8/1524]   Proposal to leave lifting jack and bar on cars sent to Randwick shops
[8/1524]   1933 holidays advanced to 1932
[8/1524]   Annual leave - seniority to take precedence
[8/1524]   Hours of duty of officers at depots
[8/1524]   Re-organisation of traffic, Central Square
[8/1524]   Gas supplied Eddy Ave meal room - division of costs
[8/1524]   Combined tram & ferry tickets
[8/1524]   Overlapping fare section, Ashfield Line
[8/1524]   Taronga Park Zoo - cheap arrangements for Condamine St to Woodland St
[8/1524]   Employees' aluminium tramway passes
[8/1525]   Point hooks - proper position in cars in traffic
[8/1525]   Issue of indelible pencils to staff
[8/1525]   Through trams, City to Double Bay
[8/1525]   Failure to stop at conditional stopping places, Rose Bay
[8/1525]   Officers pursuing courses of study
[8/1525]   Suggestions to reduce operating costs
[8/1525]   North Sydney - proposed second tennis court
[8/1525]   Open hatchways between tracks on the Sydney Harbour Bridge
[8/1525]   Tram & Tram Connections at North Sydney
[8/1525]   Carrying of lights in tunnels
[8/1525]   Provision of crossover between Argyle St the end of the ballast on the Bridge
[8/1525]   Removal of Staff at Gower St
[8/1525]   Congestion of traffic.  Penshurst St, Willoughby
[8/1525]   Proposed minimum fare section, The Spit to Cremorne Wharf
[8/1525]   Tramway arrangements at Wynyard
[8/1525]   Damage to overhead, Wynyard
[8/1525]   Train passengers conveyed by tram, Bolton St to Honeysuckle
[8/1525]   Bar Beach services
[8/1525]   Bar Beach services
[8/1525] 1933 Bar Beach services
[8/1525]   Free travel for tram employees
[8/1525]   Rail overbridge, boundary of Wickham & Waratah Municipalities
[8/1525]   Visit of transport commissioner to Newcastle district
[8/1525]   Complaint regarding frequent changing of (Newcastle)
[8/1525]   North Shore lines - timetables
[8/1525]   Proposed incinerator at the Spit
[8/1526]   Privilege passes
[8/1526]   Auto signal lights - Iron Cove Bridge
[8/1526]   Starters Positions - grading of
[8/1526]   Proposed tramway to Canterbury via Parramatta Rd
[8/1526]   Section insulators and sections fed by different power stations
[8/1526]   Deputation to the Commissioner
[8/1526]   Canterbury - Earlwood lines
[8/1527]   Henderson Rd trams replaced by buses
[8/1527]   Dangerous tram stop at Ryde
[8/1527]   Central Station Colonnade
[8/1527]   Miscellaneous Duties performed by Traffic Staff
[8/1527]   Tramway stopping places
[8/1527]   Suggestion:  overhanging signs at stopping places
[8/1527]   Wynyard - Taronga Park - Stops
[8/1527]   Watsons Bay line - Wunulla Rd Stopping place moved
[8/1527]   Warning signs at intersection of Kensington & Montgomery Sts, Kogarah
[8/1528]   Unemployment and Relief Act
[8/1528]   Transfer of Waiting sheds from Hunters Hill Council to Department
[8/1528]   Removal of tramway starters from Enmore & Bondi Junction
[8/1528]   Rushcutter's Bay Tram Depot - General Correspondence
[8/1528]   Suggestion:  Central square loop points wanted from signal box
[8/1528]   Proposed connecting line, Maroubra Junction to Matraville Hotel
[8/1528]   Additional tram on Coogee line
[8/1528]   Provision of light luggage racks in 'R' type cars (suggestion)
[8/1528]   Request for provision of Recreation Club Room at Ultimo Depot
[8/1529] 1934 Lease of Land at Gordon Ave, Hamilton
[8/1529]   Storm drain, Rainbow St, Randwick
[8/1529]   Main Road 159 - Manly - Widening
[8/1529]   Tourist Bureau - Dept's contribution towards upkeep
[8/1529]   Overlap section - Merewether Beach
[8/1529]   Sale of old Tramcars
[8/1529]   Stocktaking of departmental clocks
[8/1530]   Questionnaire on Trolley Buses
[8/1530]   Selection of Bandsmen
[8/1530]   Union St, Newcastle - re-alignment of tramtracks
[8/1530]   Concessions for Stewart House children
[8/1530]   Garage on departmental property, Petersham
[8/1530]   Grace Bros - advertising on Ballast Truck
[8/1530]   Crossing of tramway bridge over Code's R, Undercliffe
[8/1530]   Trackless Double Deck Trolley Buses
[8/1530]   Removal of shed and lavatory, Randwick
[8/1530]   Flowers Loop, La Perouse line, at Little Bay
[8/1531]   Power supplies Ryde, Rose Bay, Waverley, Chatswood
[8/1531]   Widening of Elizabeth St, south of St James Rd
[8/1531]   Freshwater - Resumption Lot 19, Section 1 Moore Rd
[8/1531]   Sale of Land Watsons Bay to Coombes
[8/1531]   Dedication of land for Roadway - Railway Pde Annandale
[8/1531]   Newcastle Overhead Wiring
[8/1531]   Stopping Places at Wairoa Ave & Campbell Pde
[8/1531]   Lane Cove line - duplication Gower St to Terminus
[8/1531]   Suggestion:  Staff committee of Review:  time lost attending only to be paid if appeal upheld
[8/1531]   Muddy Creek Stormwater Drainage - Proposed Bay St Bridge
[8/1531]   Balmain line - reconstruction of White's Creek Bridge by Balmain & Annandale Councils
[8/1531]   Choking of drains, Pitt & Park Sts, by residue from tramway reconstruction works
[8/1531]   Coogee line - Request for overlapping section, King St - Allison Rd
[8/1531]   Waiting shed at Todman Ave & Crown St
[8/1531]   Proposed establishment of elongated signs on roadway of Railway Pde, Carlton
[8/1531]   Suggested Provision of rear vision mirrors on motor rollers
[8/1531]   Duplication, Prince's loop to Ryde Terminus
[8/1531]   Approval for Major works - relaying of Pitt St line
[8/1531]   Trolley Bus standby
[8/1532]   Watson's Bay Line - Up trams not to block York St
[8/1532]   'R' type tramcars - Electrical Moisture Meter
[8/1532]   Dowling St Tram Depot - Gymnasium accommodation
[8/1532]   Accommodation for Tramway inspectors at Liverpool & Elizabeth Sts
[8/1532]   Unemployment relief funds
[8/1532]   Rail Grinding machines - emergency brakes
[8/1532]   Rosebery line - Drainage at intersection of Elizabeth & Bourke Sts
[8/1532]   Overlapping section signs - Wharf Rd & Junction St, Gladesville
[8/1532]   Suggestion:  Connection at Yurang St between William St & Bellevue Hill lines
[8/1532]   Directional signs for tram passengers, Wynyard
[8/1532] 1934 Specifications for Manganese Steel Castings for Tramway trackwork
[8/1532]   Brookvale Depot - proposed removal of siding
[8/1532]   N.S.W. Govt. transport officers' picnic 20.10.1934 - travelling Concessions
[8/1532]   Interruption to trackless trolley bus service 31.12.1934
[8/1533]   Drainage of Main Road, 164 Military Rd, Mosman
[8/1533]   Dragline Excavator - Purchase of
[8/1533]   Sale of Lincoln Inn Chambers
[8/1533]   Proposed extension of Wylde St Trolley Bus Route
[8/1533]   Automobile Club - suggestions for Melbourne trams
[8/1533]   Supply of emulsified bitumen - Sydney Metrop. Area
[8/1533]   Regulations governing Traffic over suspension bridge, North Sydney
[8/1533]   Trackless Trolley Buses - Town Hall Route
[8/1533]   Oxford St line - Women's hospital becomes regular stopping place during certain hours
[8/1533]   Wynyard Station
[8/1533]   Waiting Sheds, Sutherland - Cronulla line
[8/1533]   Resurfacing of tram tracks, Harris St
[8/1533]   Vehicular congestion caused by trams stopping in Elizabeth St
[8/1533]   Tram Poles along footpath in front of Wharves at Circular Quay
[8/1533]   Lighting facilities provided at Undercliffe Bridge
[8/1533]   Suggested transfer of tramway rolling stock - forked plate for use in crossing
[8/1533]   Wording of tramway passes and certificates
[8/1533]   Incapacitated ex-soldier's metal tramway pass found
[8/1533]   Mascot Council - offer to purchase old concrete filling at Kensington
[8/1533]   Merging of fare sections, Rosebery Tramway
[8/1533]   New tramway signal box at King & George Sts
[8/1533]   Suggestion that Gangers be told to stop all machines while rail loading or carrying is in operation
[8/1534]   Carriage of merchandise on trams
[8/1534]   Dedication of land, Fletcher St, Waverley
[8/1534]   Testing Laboratories, Randwick
[8/1534]   Land disposal, Curranulla & Waratah Sts, Cronulla
[8/1534]   Dedication of land Albion & McPherson Sts, Waverley
[8/1534]   Tramway starter's signal cabins erected over public thoroughfares
[8/1534]   Worker's Compensation Insurance in respect of employees engaged in Unemployment Relief Work
[8/1534]   Drainage at Brighton-le-Sands
[8/1534]   Request for rental of tramway land near Sydenham Station
[8/1534]   Questions to Australian & Overseas tramway undertakings
[8/1534] 1934 Application for tenure of vacant land - junction of Cleveland St & Coogee Tram line
[8/1534]   Claim for compensation with respect to tram/lorry collision
[8/1534]   Proposed widening of York St
[8/1534]   Trams not to obstruct Botany Rd at Beauchamp Rd (Botany Terminus)
[8/1534]   Charges for sewerage services rendered to tramway properties by MWS & DB year ending 30.6.1934
[8/1534]   Safety control equipment for tramcars
[8/1534]   Delay in relaying tramway New Canterbury Rd
[8/1534]   Provision of ladies lavatory, Broadmeadow Junction
[8/1534]   Centre compartment, 'R' type trams - provide drainage holes
[8/1535]   Fares, Sydney Harbour Bridge
[8/1535]   Advertising Rates on Trams
[8/1535]   Requests for proposed beach services
[8/1535]   Tramway advertising contracts for bulkhead stickers
[8/1535]   Obstruction to tram traffic in New Canterbury Rd, Petersham
[8/1535]   Extension of Alexandria trams to Cook's River terminus
[8/1536]   Request that schedule 94, Enfield Depot (Saturdays) be treated as a call-back
[8/1536]   Travelling time between Enfield Depot & Plymouth St
[8/1536]   Further complaint re shifts & rosters at Enfield Depot
[8/1536]   Adult clerk occupying junior clerical positions
[8/1536]   Clause 11 of N.S.W. Railway and Tramway Salaried Officers' Awards and Variations of 18.5.1928 and 4.9.1932
[8/1536]   'R' type cars
[8/1536]   Application for additional accommodation:  Manly Tramways Institute
[8/1536]   Terminal Timetable Boxes
[8/1536]   Permits for motor omnibuses to ply upon non-regular routes
[8/1536]   Representations re tramway waiting shed Pacific Highway, opposite St Leonard's Railway Station
[8/1536]   Weekly tram tickets, Brisbane
[8/1536]   Overlapping section to Women's Hospital, Crown St Line
[8/1536]   Lachlan Swamps Drainage System; Birds Gully Stormwater Channel
[8/1536]   Rental of shop adjoining Harbord Beach waiting shed
[8/1536]   Deduction of land
[8/1536]   Septic tank installation:  Maroubra Bay terminus
[8/1536]   Trolley bus route
[8/1536]   Proposed regular stopping place Birrell & Cowper Sts, Waverley
[8/1536]   Maintenance of overhead wiring for trackless trolley buses
[8/1536]   Relaying of Pitt St
[8/1536]   Proposed issue of raincoats to Newcastle conductors
[8/1536] 1934 Renewal of rusty span wires in coastal districts
[8/1536]   Sutherland - Cronulla line:  disposal of tanks
[8/1536]   Request for tramway or bus service from Canterbury Railway Station to Eastern Suburbs beaches weekends and holidays
[8/1536]   Further correspondence on above
[8/1536]   Direct services from Cricket and Sports Grounds to suburbs
[8/1536]   Sydney Harbour Bridge - cantilevers and pylons
[8/1536]   Proposed lease of land - Mortlake
[8/1536]   Overlapping fares section - Cook's River - Dulwich Hill line
[8/1536]   Provision of access to waterfront at Port Waratah
[8/1536]   Starters' whistles
[8/1536]   Repair of calculating machine EB9/7665
[8/1536]   Application to purchase tramway land - Wallsend
[8/1536]   Illuminated tram car
[8/1536]   Overbridge at Ferndale St, Port Waratah
[8/1536]   Claim for damage at awning - Grace building owing to contact with trolley poles
[8/1536]   Proposed prohibition of motor vehicles from passing trams at tram stops at high speed
[8/1536]   Application to use stables at Botany
[8/1536]   Newcastle to Glebe line, lifting of tracks at Union St
[8/1536]   Traffic conditions in Parramatta Rd, opposite University
[8/1536]   Painting of convenience, corner of Cleveland St and Anzac Rd
[8/1537]   Main Road 170 - Botany Rd, replacement of Millpond Bridge
[8/1537]   Botany - La Perouse Line Closure
[8/1537]   Blind persons concessions
[8/1537]   Effect of Sydney Harbour Bridge opening and opening of city Railway on Tramway Traffic
[8/1537]   Accommodation of Inspectors, Museum Station
[8/1537]   Forest Lodge substation - remote control - instructions to staff
[8/1537]   Complaint re Staff & ticket working, Rockdale Depot
[8/1538]   Destination signs on trams terminating at Bunnerong loop
[8/1539]   Dangerous intersections, Kogarah Tramway
[8/1539]   Fares, Wylde St Trolley Bus Services
[8/1539]   Circular Quay Loop
[8/1539]   Overlapping fare sections
[8/1539]   Officers to be certified suitable before being allowed to act in higher position
[8/1539]   Driver bells
[8/1539]   Danger to motor traffic at Ross St and Bridge Rd, Glebe
[8/1539]   Overlap fare sections - Enfield Cinema and Double Bay Cinema
[8/1539] 1934 Conditions of leave
[8/1539]   Claims for workers compensation
[8/1539]   Allowance of leave for loyalty during Strike of 1917
[8/1539]   Refusal of leave to attend Employees' Assoc. Meetings
[8/1539]   Employees off ill in 1917 strike
[8/1539]   Availability of land for sale, Jamieson St, City
[8/1539]   Services of letter delivery bureau
[8/1539]   La Perouse line - proposal regarding
[8/1539]   Annual leave to employees absent over extended periods
[8/1540]   Tram shed at Leichhardt Terminus
[8/1540]   Absence of light at tram stop, Burwood & George's River Rds, Enfield
[8/1540]   Lighting of Pacific St stop (Bronte line)
[8/1540]   Lighting of Canterbury Terminus
[8/1540]   Lighting of Pointsman's cabin, Loftus St, Circular Quay
[8/1540]   Request for action against motorists who pass stationary trams at high speeds
[8/1540]   Demolition of car shed, Wallsend
[8/1540]   Dust nuisance on tram tracks, Lambton
[8/1540]   Lease of land, Hunter St West
[8/1540]   Merewether Beach line - altered terminal arrangements
[8/1540]   Bar Beach line
[8/1540]   White Gates stopping place, Wallsend line - proposed alteration to
[8/1540]   Preference to returned soldiers conditional
[8/1540]   Cremorne line - movement of Lindsay Lane stop
[8/1540]   North Sydney, tramway arrangements
[8/1540]   Wynyard Tunnel - inconvenience to passengers' hats
[8/1540]   Chatswood Terminus - insufficient clearance
[8/1540]   Sydney Harbour Bridge, lighting etc costs
[8/1540]   Conductors working Neutral Bay line
[8/1540]   Sydney Harbour Bridge - emergency hand signals
[8/1541]   Dewirements, Trolley Buses
[8/1541]   Classification of Timekeepers (General File)
[8/1541]   Payment of wages to traffic employees on all-night duty
[8/1541]   Inclusion of children on holiday passes
[8/1541]   Rail Grinding Machines - emergency brakes
[8/1541]   Removal of Starter's cabin, Spring to Alfred St Sydney
[8/1541]   Ryde line tram & bus connection at Church St Junction, and Ryde Terminus
[8/1541]   Overloading on 6.59 am Gladesville tram
[8/1541]   Gladesville Bridge:  Collier "Minmi"
[8/1541]   Gladesville Bridge:  Steamer Whistles
[8/1541]   Staff engaged on omnibus accounts, Rushcutters Bay Depot
[8/1541]   Rozelle Tramway Branch Institute - enlargement of premises
[8/1541] 1934 Congestion at Pay-in window, Rushcutters Bay Depot
[8/1541]   Damage to saloon door of 'R' type cars
[8/1541]   Issue of ticket cases to bus conductors
[8/1541]   N.S.W. Railway & Tramway Officers' Association - purchase of dictaphone
[8/1541]   Tramway Safety Zones
[8/1541]   Request for regular stopping place - Watkin Loop
[8/1542]   Brighton Line, General file
[8/1542]   Conductors' ticket cases
[8/1542]   Emergency leads for tool boxes
[8/1542]   Employment of ticket checkers, Wynyard
[8/1542]   Request that signal box at Goulburn & Elizabeth Sts be Graded First Class
[8/1542]   Lambton line - proposed relocation at Hobart Rd
[8/1542]   Device for the prevention of rear collision of trams - Boor's suggestion
[8/1543]   Royal Visit, 1934 - traffic arrangements
[8/1544]   Zetland - Rosebery Extension
[8/1544] 1935 Lease of Premises 92-94 Hunter St Sydney, to Penfolds Wines
[8/1544]   Sydney Harbour Bridge, protection wire on tramway side
[8/1544]   Sutherland Tramway - Removal of tram sheds and road alignment
[8/1544]   Downie St, Newcastle Tramway
[8/1544]   Ryde - Ryde Station discontinuance of tramway and representations of restoration
[8/1544]   Requests for Free travel for school children on tramway and buses
[8/1544]   Duplication of line, Chatswood
[8/1544]   Request for trolley bus service, Northbridge to Chatswood
[8/1544]   Transfer of Railway land to Tramways Commissioner, Sydney area
[8/1545]   Arncliffe Bexley tramtrack removal
[8/1545]   Transport of Relief Workers
[8/1545]   Meadowbank Manufacturing Co - manufacture of 150 trams and 250 trucks
[8/1545]   Bunnerong Creek Drainage System
[8/1545]   Repaving of tramtracks, Oxford St & Circular Quay
[8/1545]   Departmental land, Brookvale
[8/1546]   Manly Lagoon - drainage
[8/1546]   No. 4 Trolley bus - History
[8/1546]   Sutherland - Cronulla goods tram service
[8/1546]   Duplication of Ryde line
[8/1546]   Lee St & Island Block, Railway Square
[8/1546]   Transfer of Railway land to Transport Trusts
[8/1546]   Tramway construction, Leichhardt to Rozelle line
[8/1546]   Northbridge line duplication
[8/1546]   Danger to traffic by tramway pole in Queen's Square, Sydney
[8/1547] 1935 Proposed use of 'R' type cars on other than Watsons Bay, Bellevue Hill and North Sydney
[8/1547]   Trolley Bus operations on trial
[8/1547]   Sale of Band Instruments Subsidy to old Band and appointment of Mr Farrow as Trustee
[8/1547]   Coat of arms on trams and trains
[8/1547]   Waverley Council:  construction of stormwater drain, Campbell Parade, Waverley
[8/1547]   Randwick shops, water supply
[8/1547]   Sydney Harbour Bridge - earthing of cantilevers' supports on pylons
[8/1547]   Glebe Island Bridge - provision of catchpoints
[8/1547]   Sale of departmental car - Morris Cowley No. 187732 (83)
[8/1548]   Carriage of musical instruments on trams
[8/1548]   Fire engines to be given preference in traffic
[8/1548]   Applications for Kiosk sites, Central Square
[8/1548]   Regulations under the Transport Act, 1930
[8/1548]   Proposed closing of part of Ross St and part of the Crescent, Glebe
[8/1548]   Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board:  Proposed purchase of second-hand Aveling and Parter Steam Roller
[8/1548]   Watson's Bay Terminus - Fencing adjacent to Tramway Lavatory
[8/1548]   New York City Tramways & Motor Buses
[8/1548]   Proposals:  Stop at Balfour St Broadway, Regular Service in George St, and Concord Buses to run via Broadway
[8/1548]   Enterprises Ltd, Hamburger Stall, Anzac Pde & Rainbow St, South Kensington
[8/1548]   Collection of fares - question of making passengers liable as well as conductors for non-payment of fares
[8/1548]   Charges for paper passes issued as "On Service"
[8/1548]   Closure of Speers Point, Wallsend line
[8/1548]   Improved traffic facilities in Manly Municipality & Warringah Shire
[8/1548]   Reconstruction of tramway, Ryde to Gladesville
[8/1549]   Dedication of Land, Sydney Rd and Ethel St Balgowlah
[8/1549]   Lease of Land, Gordon Ave Depot Newcastle to Newcastle Soccer Club
[8/1549]   Proposed extension of tramway, Earlwood to Kingsgrove
[8/1549]   Scott St, Newcastle two-way traffic
[8/1549]   Proposed signalling arrangements, Bondi Terminus
[8/1549]   Opening of Bondi North extension
[8/1549]   Ryde to Ryde Station - Abandonment
[8/1549]   Building No. 9 Hannell St, Wickham sold for demolition
[8/1549]   Tramway Waiting Room Seaforth
[8/1549]   Part driving - part conducting shifts
[8/1549]   Disposal of departmental property by sale
[8/1549] 1935 Proposed advertising clock on trams
[8/1549]   Labour disputes - tram men
[8/1549]   Tramway wages
[8/1549]   Treatment of absentees
[8/1549]   Northern Approach, Sydney Harbour Bridge
[8/1549]   Rate of pay - employees on light work due to injury
[8/1549]   Suggestion - protective netting on tramway side of Sydney Harbour Bridge
[8/1550]   Gladesville & Glebe Island Bridges, General file
[8/1550]   Mrs C. Muddyman - Tenancy, 29 Booth St, Annandale
[8/1550]   Clovelly terminus - request for use of tramway land
[8/1550]   Orange Top Cabs - for stand, corner Alison Rd - Cook St, Randwick
[8/1550]   Lease of tram depot site for ambulance station
[8/1550]   Blackwattle Stormwater Channel
[8/1550]   Proposed erection of building incorporating Tramway waiting room at St James Rd, Hyde Park
[8/1550]   Cleveland St Line - Proposed dead-end siding at Anzac Pde Junction
[8/1551]   Experimental bus services Woolloomooloo
[8/1551] 1936 St Peters, Secondary Road No. 2007, Acquisition for Tramway
[8/1551]   Maryville to Steelworks Tramways
[8/1551]   Toilet facilities Balmoral
[8/1551]   Toilet facilities Rosebery
[8/1551]   Drainage, Joynton Ave, Waterloo
[8/1551]   Sale of Land, Balmoral
[8/1551]   Clothing allowances, Ticket Examiners
[8/1551]   Sutherland Line, Sale of Steam cars and equipment
[8/1551]   Bitumen stocks
[8/1551]   Steel Omnibus Bodies
[8/1551]   Appeal on behalf of N.S.W. Association of Deaf and Dumb Citizens
[8/1551]   Transferring load in case of loss of 2 machines at Waverly Sub-Station
[8/1551]   Joint use of poles, Waverley
[8/1551]   Examination of staff as Boiler Attendants for the position of steam-roller driver, Fireman, etc
[8/1552]   Suggestion T1400 - Tramcars to be washed down before WWA compound used
[8/1552]   Replacement of span pole 218, down track side Bellevue Hill line
[8/1552]   Suggestion T1330.  Towing ropes, tram, make suitable for 'R' type cars
[8/1552]   Gas rings at Depots to be secured  (Suggestion T1369)
[8/1552]   Gauges for Fire Hose Couplings
[8/1552]   Drewny internal combustion railway coaches
[8/1552]   Suggested alteration of position of 1 light in R type cars' destination signs
[8/1552]   Delay to Traffic 13.10.1935 La Perouse
[8/1552] 1936 Second Hand Copper Wire, Randwick depot
[8/1552]   Films from South Australia
[8/1552]   Damage to Water Pipe, Railway Rd, St Peters
[8/1552]   Repairs to No. 17 'Karrier' Tower Waggon
[8/1552]   Mosman Substation
[8/1552]   Suggested reduction in number of oilers, Dowling St Car Shed
[8/1552]   Pitmen's Duties, Dowling St Car Shed
[8/1552]   Pitmen's work at Depots
[8/1552]   Collision - Taxi No. 440 and Tramway span pole 14.10.1935
[8/1552]   Trackless Trolley Bus & Tramway Auto Sectioning switches - Painting of control switches
[8/1552]   Suggested special headlights for cars coasting past obstructions in over-head wiring
[8/1552]   Purchase of periodicals for Dept. of Road Transport & Tramways
[8/1552]   Collapsible ladders
[8/1552]   Aerial wire across Pitt St
[8/1552]   Railway holiday and privilege passes
[8/1552]   Wynyard:  Lewis Bolt required in No. 1 Tramway Tunnel
[8/1552]   Special Taper Steel Washers for coach screws
[8/1552]   City substation
[8/1552]   Watson's Bay line, trolley bus wire burned down by car 1933
[8/1552]   Hire of 'Austin' Tower Waggon, 21.10.1935 to 3.2.1936
[8/1552]   Transfer of cars Ryde to St Leonards, staff to be given time off in lieu of overtime
[8/1552]   Straight edges - electric welding
[8/1552]   Proposed improvement of electroplating
[8/1552]   Erosion of foreshores, Botany
[8/1552]   Repairs to venetian blinds, Electrical sub-inspector's office, Circular Quay
[8/1552]   Low tension lead covered feeders, Waverley- Bondi district
[8/1552]   Dedication of land, Ethel St Manly
[8/1552]   Ultimo Power Station - induced draft for blades
[8/1552]   Collections for Anti-tuberculosis Association of N.S.W.
[8/1552]   'Kelbus' portable weighing machine
[8/1552]   Water Service Diagram - overhead Lines Depot, Randwick
[8/1552]   Trailers suitable for carrying trams
[8/1552]   Electrolysis
[8/1552]   Proposed formation of inter-depot concert party
[8/1552]   Quotation for carbon brushes
[8/1552]   N.S.W. Tramways Brass Band - Band Room
[8/1552]   Spares for Trolley buses
[8/1552]   Dowling St Car Shed - Labourers assisting Controller-men, etc.
[8/1552]   Car Wheels - setting of Carborundum Blocks
[8/1552] 1936 Quotation for Contact and Porcelain Bushings
[8/1552]   Breaking of road notices
[8/1552]   Provision of extra telephone in instrument testing section, laboratory Randwick
[8/1552]   Manly - Spit Tramway - warning sign in Sydney Road
[8/1552]   Watson's Bay line - removal of crossings Rose Bay
[8/1552]   Ashfield - Mortdale line - Reconditioning Up track, Major Bay Rd
[8/1552]   Sick and accident pay, 6/35
[8/1552]   Pay dockets, method of issue to tramway car shed staff
[8/1552]   Benevolent society appeal
[8/1552]   Purr-Pull Petrol wrongly delivered to Tempe Depot
[8/1552]   Electricians' Conciliation Committee
[8/1552]   Collection of Union Dues in Car Sheds
[8/1552]   Edison Dretching Machines & Hand Shoving Machines on Hand at Eveleigh
[8/1552]   Request from Dowling St Depot
[8/1552]   Mental Hospital, Callan Park
[8/1552]   Request that cabin be erected for starter - Lyond Rd, Drummoyne
[8/1552]   Sanitary Accommodation - Bridge Rd, Drummoyne
[8/1552]   Addison Road Line - Dulwich Hill Terminus
[8/1552]   "O" Type cars at Dowling St, and Rozelle Depots - no Draught Deflectors
[8/1552]   Clovelly tram terminus - septic tank installation
[8/1552]   Covering of gutter - crossover on Robertson Rd, Kensington Junction Box
[8/1552]   Staff car - Dowling St Depot - Week days and holidays
[8/1552]   Cars forwarded to Randwick Workshops - Equipment Missing
[8/1552]   Application by employees for copy of complaints made by members of the public
[8/1552]   Request by Annandale Municipal Council for Park - Rozelle, Parish of Petersham, County of Cumberland
[8/1552]   Proposed closing of Ross St, and the Crescent, Glebe
[8/1552]   Extension second fare section (Union & Harris Sts to Glebe Rd to Ross St and Bridge Rd
[8/1552]   Traffic congestion - Regent St Redfern - during peak periods
[8/1552]   Sanitary Accommodation - Bunnerong Station
[8/1552]   Mr H. G. Lovering re drivers starting trams while passengers are still alighting
[8/1552]   Provision of safety zone at Ocean St, Bondi Line
[8/1552]   Bell straps inside electric tramcars coming in contact with electric light globes
[8/1552]   Double gates - Tramway Entrance, Ashfield Railway Goods Yard
[8/1553]   Floodwaters covering tram tracks at Paterson & Brewers Sts, on Burwood - Mortlake line - question of providing storm water posts
[8/1553]   Remote control relay apparatus for Point Controllers
[8/1553] 1936 Commonwealth Fund Service Fellowships
[8/1553]   Recommendations involving expenditure
[8/1553]   Accounts, costing and timekeeping matters
[8/1553]   Tariff - Motor sections for vehicles
[8/1553]   Narrabeen substation
[8/1553]   Charges for Rail Paper Passes issued for Departmental purposes by Transport Dept
[8/1553]   Provision of time-table notice boards - Bus Services
[8/1553]   50 'R7' Type tramcars - accessories to be supplied to contractors
[8/1553]   Tramway Policy
[8/1553]   Randwick Substation
[8/1553]   Car No. 1743 - Regraded resistances
[8/1553]   Provision of waiting seats - Departmental Omnibus Services
[8/1553]   American Transit Association - suggestion that Department becomes a member
[8/1553]   Labor Funerals Ltd organiser visiting car sheds during working hours
[8/1553]   Institute of Transport
[8/1553]   Suggestion - car sheds, method of listing work
[8/1553]   Suggestion - lubrication of brake cylinder pistons
[8/1553]   Trolley wires out of position
[8/1553]   Waverley Substation
[8/1553]   Metropolitan Hospitals contribution fund - list of subscribers
[8/1553]   Dogscrews required for Stock
[8/1553]   Incinerator - Fort Macquarie Depot
[8/1553]   200 'R' type tramcards
[8/1553]   Questionnaire to interstate and overseas tramway system
[8/1553]   Examination of lifting appliances, North Sydney Car Shed
[8/1553]   Removal of Span Pole & Cable Pole No.62, Bridge Rd Drummoyne
[8/1553]   Gladesville - Boom Gates
[8/1553]   Fort Macquarie Tramways Institute - application for increased accommodation
[8/1553]   Failure of 240 volt a.c. supply cable - Gladesville Bridge
[8/1553]   Suggestion: Car Oilers, Dowling St to clean 1 car per shift
[8/1553]   Safe Custody of Cash at tramway depots
[8/1553]   Quotation for lamps
[8/1553]   Vacated position of leading cleaner, Rozelle Car Sheds
[8/1553]   Availability of passes by up Tamworth Day Train
[8/1553]   Draft British standard specification for Joiner’s Glue
[8/1553]   Beautification work at Mosman Bay
[8/1553]   Overhead wiring
[8/1553]   Quotations for cables
[8/1553] 1936 Vulcanised rubber cable
[8/1554]   Carriage of Mails on trams
[8/1554]   Proposed institution of a 1d Fare-section Mayfield West Terminus
[8/1554]   Overlapping section, Enfield and Ashfield to Burwood line
[8/1554]   Introduction of 1d fare section on Carrington line between Bourke St & Cowper St
[8/1554]   Overlapping section, Undercliffe & Marrickville Railway Station
[8/1554]   Employees not entitled to passes & fare concessions
[8/1554]   Suggestions for relief of congestion at Railway Square & Liverpool St
[8/1554]   Circular Quay proposals
[8/1554]   City Railway Construction, Circular Quay
[8/1554]   Fish Stall, Central Square
[8/1554]   'R1' type tram car - crew Jackson
[8/1555]   Rentals of part of Waiting Rooms, Newcastle lines
[8/1555]   Alterations, Adamstown Terminus
[8/1555]   Hannell Street Crossing, Wickham, Safety measures
[8/1555]   Operation of Omnibus Services, Newcastle
[8/1555]   New Suspension Bridge, Northbridge
[8/1556]   Sectional Point Sydney Harbour Bridge
[8/1556]   Railway privileges to Re-employed men since 1930
[8/1556]   'P' type cars replaced by "R" type cars Rosebery and Glebe Lines
[8/1556]   Request for combined tram and bus tickets for travel Adamstown/Newcastle
[8/1556]   Request that Council employees to use gates in tramway fence, Jesmond Park, Wallsend line
[8/1556]   Provision of one way traffic for trams, Broadmeadow Junction
[8/1556]   Wallsend line - Trams not to be stopped foul of Railway line at Raspberry Gully, Charlestown, Newcastle
[8/1556]   Supervision of shed staff, Gordon Avenue Depot, Newcastle
[8/1556]   Request to attach paper receptacles to tram stop posts in the Newcastle Area
[8/1556]   Sanding of rails - Taronga - Athol line
[8/1556]   Lane Cove terminus - trams not to obstruct Burns Bay Rd
[8/1556]   Tramway land fronting Hannell Street, Wickham
[8/1556]   Carrington Bridge - Handrailing & Decking of Footpath
[8/1557]   Notes of interview with Mr Anderson, Depot Master Waverley, Mr Weller, Depot Master Tempe and Mr J. Laing, Depot Master Newtown 12.8.1936
[8/1557]   Demolition of public convenience St James Rd, Hyde Park
[8/1557]   List of Tramway waiting seats 1936
[8/1557]   Petition for increased bicycle shed accommodation
[8/1557]   Extension of tramway from Tudor St along Garden Ave, Hamilton to the Glebe line
[8/1557] 1936 Proposed removal of Pyrmont Bridge
[8/1557]   Traffic conditions at Dover Rd
[8/1557]   Suggested traffic control, New South Head Rd, Rushcutters Bay
[8/1557]   Walter Wilkinson & Francis Murray - evasion of payment of tram fares
[8/1557]   Employees writing incidental reports in their own time
[8/1557]   Automatic paint controllers
[8/1557]   Warning bells, Rushcutters Bay Depot
[8/1557]   Instruction for safeguarding of cash
[8/1557]   Payments of travelling time to Officers
[8/1557]   Proposed shelter shed, Kogarah Station
[8/1557]   Opening of Administrative Building, 99 Macquarie St
[8/1559]   Tramways Institute’s Advisory Committee
[8/1559]   Band Uniforms
[8/1559]   Debits to Conductors Surplus Fund
[8/1559]   Fire Sprinklers, Kogarah Depot
[8/1559]   Grants to Tramways Institute Cricket Association
[8/1559]   Broadmeadow Junction Traffic Facilities
[8/1562]   Regulations for operation of tramway & trackless trolley buses
[8/1562]   Tramway overhead wiring - motor vehicles
[8/1562]   Defect in retaining wall, Nation St Leichhardt
[8/1562]   Making available No.1 railway engine in connection with the 150th Anniversary Celebrations
[8/1562]   Ford Tower Wagon - Departmental No. 32
[8/1562]   Issue of combination tickets to Taronga Park Zoo
[8/1562]   Appeal Board
[8/1563] 1937 Traffic Improvements, Newcastle area
[8/1563]   Sale of tramcars
[8/1563]   Trail of Trolley Bus Service, Rockdale route
[8/1563]   Oxford St widening Lang Rd to Mark Rd
[8/1563]   Suggested alteration of tram stop, Campbell Parade, Bondi
[8/1564]   Construction of new passenger Wharf, Manly-terminal arrangements
[8/1564]   Kogarah Tramway Coal Stage
[8/1564]   Regulation for fixing the amount of fares for the conveyance of tramway passengers on Ryde via Glebe line
[8/1564]   Improvement in lock on Section insulator & feeder switch
[8/1564]   Oxford St, Main Rd No.172 Bondi Rd- removal of chokage from stormwater drain under tram lines
[8/1564]   Construction of stormwater drain - Dowling St Depot, Botany Rd
[8/1564]   Tramway destination signs on Watson's Bay, Lighthouse & Vaucluse Trams
[8/1564]   Alteration of tramway fare section - Circular Quay - Cook's River Line
[8/1564]   Advertising in trolley buses
[8/1565] 1937 King St City, removal of tracks report of Macquarie Planning Committee
[8/1565]   No standing on Trolley Bus steps
[8/1565]   Lambton Road Track renewal
[8/1565]   William St City, Track centralising
[8/1565]   Trolley Bus Depot - Rockdale
[8/1565]   Provision of service through Lauriston Park ,Mascot
[8/1565]   Kogarah Trolley Bus Service
[8/1565]   Sale of tramway land at Narrabeen
[8/1566]   Apron Plate advertising on trams
[8/1566]   Mourning arm bands - death of Governor
[8/1566]   Tramway Oilskin Coats
[8/1566]   Substitution of trolley buses for steam tramway Kogarah - Sans Souci District
[8/1566]   Concessions for members of Justices' association
[8/1566]   Deputation from Kogarah Council to Commissioner for Road Transport
[8/1566]   Resumption of land - Hardy St Waverley
[8/1566]   Town Hotel, Newtown
[8/1566]   Abbotsford line - reconstruction of bridge over Long Cove
[8/1566]   Flyproof windows and door, Meal Room Enfield Depot
[8/1566]   New Award for Motor Omnibus Drivers and conductors
[8/1566]   Basic Wages Adjustments
[8/1566]   Application for federal award for drivers & conductors of buses
[8/1567] 1936 Randwick Race Service
[8/1567]   Parking of Trams Oxford St
[8/1567]   Coronation Day traffic arrangements
[8/1567]   Circular Quay replanning (underground trams)
[8/1567]   Application for an award to cover Drivers & conductors of buses
[8/1567]   Proposed repair or replacement of studs on tram buffer beams
[8/1568]   Petition re Regent St Overlapping Section
[8/1568]   Debiting short periods of absence against holidays
[8/1568]   Electric light in waiting room, Milson's Point tramway platform
[8/1568]   New lighting at Newtown bridge
[8/1568]   Lighting - Senior revenue clerk's office North Sydney Depot
[8/1569] 1937 Tramway Depot Premises - protection from fire
[8/1569]   Raising of footboards on off side of trams
[8/1569]   Assistant Conductors - Park St
[8/1569]   Dates on which employees who leave the service by resignation or retrenchment are shown out of the service
[8/1569]   Eastern Suburbs railway
[8/1569]   Rockdale - Brighton-le-Sands line
[8/1569]   Proposed replacement of trams by trolley buses
[8/1569] 1937 Request for additional payment for conductors
[8/1574]   Cooks River line
[8/1574]   Notes of Suggestions' Conference, 18.3.1935
[8/1574]   Alteration in tram fares for children
[8/1574]   Free travel for pupils of Riverside Domestic Science School, Gladesville
[8/1574]   Fares - Dowling St Depot & Railway Square Loop via Zetland
[8/1574]   Port Macquarie Depot - Unusual occurrences
[8/1575]   Anniversary celebrations - North Sydney Lines
[8/1575]   Extended leave to attend Coronation
[8/1575]   Transport facilities - Pyrmont
[8/1575]   Narrabeen Terminus - tenancy
[8/1575]   Duplication Waratah Junction - Gulley Line
[8/1575]   Toilet facilities - Mayfair terminus
[8/1575]   Toilet facilities - Balmoral
[8/1576]   Regular Road Traffic conditions - Selwyn St, Mayfield East
[8/1576]   Complaint from Australian Tramway Employees' Assoc.
[8/1576]   Application to purchase railway land at Carrington
[8/1576]   Vacuum Oil Company's Siding - protection of trams, steel works line
[8/1576]   Collision danger between trams & vehicles - Scott St, Newcastle
[8/1576]   Bus stopping places in congested areas in Newcastle
[8/1576]   Request from Glebe Council for tramway waiting shed at Glebe Point Terminus
[8/1576]   Proposed waiting room - Glebe Point Terminus
[8/1576]   Communication from Mr W. Finlay
[8/1576]   No. 49 Bundy located at Seaforth
[8/1576]   Inquiry as to availability for sale of tramway land at Narrabeen
[8/1576]   General instructions - tramway depots
[8/1576]   Establishment of pedestrian refuges in Martin Place
[8/1576]   Plumbers' Gas Force Pumps - Question of payment of freight when carried by tram
[8/1576]   New 'P' type cars
[8/1576]   Toilet facilities - Daceyville
[8/1577]   Tram tail-lights
[8/1577]   Passengers travelling on foot boards & in driving cabins - proposals for corridor type cars
[8/1577]   Medical examination of conductors to qualify as drivers
[8/1577]   Interruption of Rockdale - Brighton-le-Sands Tram service 12.11.1936 - employment of buses
[8/1577]   Classification of electric tram cars by age
[8/1577]   Starter's Cabin, Rawson Place - lighting of
[8/1578]   Safety Zone lighting
[8/1578]   Stop lights on trams: car body buildings:  suggestions
[8/1578]   Transfer of administration offices to New Building from 119 Phillip St
[8/1578] 1937 Substation Loading
[8/1579]   Sewerage charges on land vested in Commissioner
[8/1579]   Extra leave - visit of HRH Duke of Gloucester
[8/1579]   Tram carrying trailer
[8/1579]   Speed of trams Wynyard - North Sydney
[8/1579]   Toilet facilities - Wynyard
[8/1579]   Suspension Bridge repairs
[8/1580]   Extension of buses over Sydney Harbour Bridge
[8/1580]   Measures for the protection of revenue
[8/1580]   Signal Boxes King St Sydney
[8/1580]   Electromatic signals (opening of)
[8/1580]   Inauguration of Wylde St Trolley Bus services
[8/1580]   Compensation claims - tram and bus accidents
[8/1580]   Shortages in cash
[8/1580]   Passengers standing on trolley buses
[8/1580]   Payment of monetary value of leave due to deceased employees who are single
[8/1580]   Efficiency and organisation of Branches - Staff Work - Tramway Traffic Branch
[8/1580]   Officers riding on the front of cars
[8/1580]   Request for oilskin coats, rubber boots for all traffic employees
[8/1580]   Trams & traffic conditions at intersection of Hayes St and Kurraba Rd, Neutral Bay
[8/1580]   Loading of trams - Wynyard
[8/1580]   Injuries sustained during shunting operations - Wynyard South end
[8/1580]   Passengers boarding trams from the 'off' side at Wynyard
[8/1582]   Trolley Bus Regulation
[8/1582]   Derailment - Railway Square Loop
[8/1582]   Request for 'R' type car to be placed on 410 run
[8/1582]   Draft Australian Code for Fire Hydrants & Hose installations
[8/1582]   Defective Tram report
[8/1582]   Anzac Day Tattoo - display in bulkheads of tramcars
[8/1582]   Annual Stores Contracts 1939
[8/1582]   Thistle Pipe Impellor
[8/1582]   New Administrative Building - Provision of suitable accommodation for garbage storage
[8/1582]   W. E. Woods Pty Ltd - display of 200 stickers in tramcars
[8/1582]   Van Dyke Bros - display of 200 stickers in tramcars
[8/1582]   Irregular running of trams - Clovelly Line
[8/1582]   Breakage of drawbar on car 1726, Bondi Beach 24.4.1938
[8/1582]   Trams involved in accidents
[8/1582]   Timetable alteration - Spit Line
[8/1582]   Timetable alteration - Taronga Park line
[8/1582]   Tower wagon in collision with lorry
[8/1582] 1937 Adjustment to Overhead Wiring - Bronte line
[8/1582]   Condition of yard surface - Dowling St Depot
[8/1582]   Drainage & resurfacing of yard - Dowling St Depot
[8/1582]   Fire Protection - Chemical Extinguishers
[8/1582]   Draft code CA 18 for maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers
[8/1582]   Botany line - timetable alterations
[8/1582]   Re-opening of Electric Drivers' instruction from Ultimo
[8/1582]   Conditional stopping place - Darling Point Rd
[8/1582]   Tramway warning signs - Gray St, Kogarah
[8/1582]   Suggested non-parking area in Railway Yard, Kogarah
[8/1582]   Estate of Lucy Esther Gifford - deceased
[8/1583] 1938 Proposed duplication, Elizabeth & Goulburn Sts, West Kensington to Baker St
[8/1583]   List of Departmental "out" buildings
[8/1583]   Qualified drivers - counterweight system
[8/1583]   Sounding of tram gongs before starting
[8/1583]   Cement Sectional Committee
[8/1584]   Supply of Air Compressors
[8/1584]   Darling Harbour - stormwater channel
[8/1584]   Waverley Depot - Coogee line - count of passengers
[8/1584]   Moore Park - long siding connection from up Coogee
[8/1584]   Authorised reserve change, Waverley Depot
[8/1584]   New administrative building
[8/1584]   New CMA Standard Cables
[8/1584]   Administrative building costs
[8/1584]   Administrative building costs
[8/1584]   Railway Rd Sydenham - jointly used poles
[8/1584]   Defective 'Brakes" Adze
[8/1584]   Subdivision - 'Santa Manna' Estate, Waverley
[8/1584]   Joint use of Poles
[8/1584]   Instruction of school children about tram passenger bells
[8/1584]   Water accumulation in Leichhardt Depot
[8/1584]   Proposed movement of Foveaux St, Waiting Shed
[8/1584]   Proposed reversal of cars - Rockdale, Brighton-le-Sands line
[8/1584]   Proposed altered position of tramway catchpoints - Hannel St, Crossing
[8/1584]   Proposed diversion of Coogee, Clovelly & Maroubra trams
[8/1584]   Domestic Science School regular tram stop, Ryde line
[8/1584]   Proposed regular stopping place at Riverside Central School
[8/1585]   Alteration of stopping place, Sans Souci line
[8/1585]   Recording condition & mileage of trackless trolley buses
[8/1585]   Questionnaire re discipline & management of staff
[8/1585] 1938 Insertion of sedges in splice fittings
[8/1585]   Public, members of, collapsing in Registration Hall
[8/1585]   Daceyville & Botany lines - Mondays to Fridays
[8/1585]   Joint use of poles, Burwood & City
[8/1585]   Request for Tempe trams to run via Alexandria
[8/1585]   Deputation to Commissioner 10.5.1936
[8/1585]   Joint use of poles - Waterloo
[8/1585]   Joint use of poles - City, near Mortuary, Sydney Yard
[8/1585]   Repair of lockers in meal room, Ultimo Depot
[8/1585]   Extension of West Kensington via Crown St tram line to Baker St
[8/1585]   Kogarah Trolley Bus inauguration
[8/1586]   Electrification of Kogarah Tramway proposals
[8/1587]   Electrification of other tramways
[8/1588]   Working of trolley buses 181A-4
[8/1588]   Australian and New Zealand Tramways Conference
[8/1589]   Shelley Beach Terminus Cronulla, surrender to Crown
[8/1589]   Botany Line - reconstruction of timber bridge near Bourke St
[8/1589]   Estimated financial effect of replacing Ashfield - Mortlake trams by buses
[8/1589]   Reconstruction of main road 167a - Henderson Rd Alexandria
[8/1589]   Accounts - rental of premises - Foveaux & Bourke Sts, Sydney
[8/1589]   Joint use of Poles - Waverley
[8/1589]   Joint use of Poles - Waterloo
[8/1589]   Joint use of Poles - Randwick
[8/1589]   Joint use of Poles - Botany
[8/1589]   Joint use of Poles - Randwick
[8/1589]   Joint use of Poles - Canterbury
[8/1589]   Joint use of Poles - Botany
[8/1589]   Conditional stopping place - Wisebeach & Darling Sts, Balmain Line
[8/1589]   Proposed proclamation of residential districts in the municipality of Randwick
[8/1589]   Additional change required - Port Macquarie Depot
[8/1589]   Repairs to No. 14 Air Compressor
[8/1589]   Flagman at Robertson Rd on Randwick Race Days
[8/1590]   Bondi - Coogee Line Service
[8/1590]   School children's fares - Newcastle
[8/1590]   Examination and testing of pressure vessels
[8/1591]   Botany Substation - terra cotta tiles
[8/1591]   Average fares - Australian States
[8/1591]   Condition of roadway, Cremorne Wharf
[8/1591]   Condition of footpath, Anzac Pde & Robertson Rd
[8/1591]   School children's fares - Newcastle
[8/1591]   Cleaning of windows - administrative building
1938 Conductors paying in at showground and Racecourse
[8/1591]   Introduction of minimum fares on Bronte line
[8/1591]   Proposed coupled car trams on Earlwood line
[8/1591]   Joint use of Poles - Drummoyne
[8/1591]   Joint use of Poles - Mascot
[8/1591]   Joint use of Poles - Waterloo
[8/1591]   Waiting shed at intersection of Sydenham & Victoria Rds, Marrickville
[8/1591]   Waiting shed at intersection of Sydenham & Victoria Rds, Marrickville
[8/1591]   Failure of main bearings & big ends - Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor No. 13
[8/1591]   Failure of main bearings & big ends - Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor No. 13
[8/1591]   Circular Quay - North Bondi line - Friday nights
[8/1591]   Joint use of poles - Woollahra
[8/1591]   Joint use of poles - Canterbury
[8/1591]   Joint use of poles - Randwick
[8/1591]   Joint use of poles - Willoughby
[8/1591]   Joint use of poles - City
[8/1591]   Joint use of poles - Randwick
[8/1591]   Joint use of poles - Waterloo
[8/1591]   Railway - Clovelly line - Tuesdays & Fridays
[8/1591]   Septic Tank, Clovelly Terminus
[8/1591]   Septic Tank, Clovelly Terminus
[8/1591]   Ambulance classes, 1939
[8/1591]   Complaints re tramway seats in Burwood Railway Station
[8/1591]   Damaged flooring, Dowling St car shed
[8/1591]   Damage to shelter shed at Erskineville
[8/1591]   Discipline work - engineering Branches
[8/1591]   Purchase of Imperial typewriter No. 895
[8/1591]   Maintenance Bonding:  Yarra - Botany Line
[8/1591]   Proposed overlapping fare section to Terrace Rd on Canterbury Line
[8/1591]   Centralising of Tramway Correspondence Records
[8/1591]   Sydney Transformer Room - Nos. 11 & 12 High Tension Cables
[8/1591]   Driver's Practice Badge No. 104 lost
[8/1591]   Relief drivers to inform regular drivers of unusual occurrences
[8/1591]   Circular Quay - Clovelly line - Saturdays
[8/1591]   Circular Quay - Clovelly line - Mondays - Thursdays
[8/1591]   Erskineville Terminus
[8/1591]   Transport Service - Railway to Bronte
[8/1591]   Work to be carried out for Department of Road Transport and Tramways
[8/1591]   Wolli Creek Tar Distillery & Tar By-Products plant
[8/1591]   Bronte Tramway Service