(NRS 4481) Photography was a major activity of the Government Printing Office from the late 19th Century until well into the 20th, resulting in an extensive and diverse collection of photographs of life in New South Wales.

The photo series here include: Reference Print Collection, c.1850 onwards; Photos displayed in NSW trains, c.1930s-c.1960s; Eveleigh Workshops during the 1917 Railway Strike; Glass plate negatives of North Shore, Sydney Harbour and general subjects, c.1908.


This guide provides a brief overview of the records we hold that document the activities and development of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney from 1816 on, as well as related areas which fell under its administration over time. 

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney celebrated its bicentenary on 13 June 2016. A selection of records are discussed in context in celebration of this milestone being reached.


This series consists principally of photographs of the Royal National Park including flora and fauna. Many images relate to the recreational facilities around Audley and include photographs of people boating, playing sports, bushwalking, picnicking and participating in ceremonies.

We have several photo series showing the growth and expansion of Sydney from c.1860 to c.1915. Sydney is the main subject of these series, however, photos of Sydney are not limited to this page. Other series with broader subject ranges may also include views of Sydney and can be found using the...


A brief history of the Sydney Harbour Bridge plus a select list of records relating to the design, construction and official opening ceremnony. Also included is a list of records relating to the construction workers employed by the NSW Government.

A brief history of the Sydney Opera House plus a select list of records relating to the design, construction and official opening.

A brief overview of the major sources in our collection that relate to the opening and operation of Taronga Zoo at Mosman.

State Archives NSW holds a number of records relating to Taronga Zoo's history over the past one-hundred years. In celebration of Taronga Zoo's centenary of opening, some related records have been highlighted and discussed below.


The criminal underworld of Sydney in the 1840s

Featuring extracts from the Registry of Flash Men narrated by 'William Augustus Miles' (aka Fabian LoSchiavo)

This is a unique insight into the criminal underworld in Sydney during the 1840s. The volume was kept as an official surveillance record by William Augustus Miles who was...

Video Faces from the past - Images from Sydney's back lanes and alley ways

Images from Sydney's back lanes and alley ways 

This video presentation features a selection of photographs from the NSW State archives collection showing city dwellers going about their daily business. It is accompanied by Fabian LoSchiavo's moving narration of the famous Henry Lawson'...